Gut-Wrenching Virus Hits the U.S.

New norovirus stomach “flu” is super contagious
and spreading across the nation. I’m Erin White and THIS is a dailyRx Minute.
A new strain of stomach virus first detected in Sydney, Australia in March 2012 has made
its way to America…AFTER making people sick in Japan, Canada, Western Europe and other
parts of the world. Each year norovirus causes about 21 million
illnesses and about 800 deaths. The illness causes sudden stomach pain, nausea, diarrhea
and vomiting. It can spread in places such as schools, cruise ships and nursing homes.
Ask your doctor how to prevent the flu and for additional health news information about
this story and others, click the related links below.

1 thought on “Gut-Wrenching Virus Hits the U.S.

  1. I'm in the health care industry and I've gotten this virus already three times in the past year! It's awful, debilitating but only lasts about two days at the most. Hot tea and rest is all one can do. I never get sick otherwise, so this is one very contagious virus!

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