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Hi This is Nancy. I worked out in the salon
world for for>>a few years, I got my license in 2004
and I started working and I worked out in a few different salons and you learn a lot
of tips and tricks from a lot of different salon owners and experienced beauticians and
hair stylists>>and what I learned is is a trick of using Sweet n Low the pink
stuff is specifically what they talked about for people with sensitive scalps. You use
it as an additive in in>>directly in to the hair color.
>>You put in some packets of Sweet n Low and it stops the scalps from burning>>and
I was given that tip by some hair stylists who have been working for many years and I
tried it>>and it worked. And I wanted to tell you I’ve used the blue>>the blue stuff
>>the blue packets because I was out of the pink
and I wasn’t certain that it would work but I did use it
>>because I was out of the pink>>I just looked and this is saccharine>>but anyway
it worked>>the blue and the yellow I’ve used.>>So in a regular>>in your regular
hair color bowl>>you put your hair color>>whatever hair color you use>>and I wanted
to share it works with all kinds of hair color>>and all types of peroxides>>this is a
Matrix>>I have used Matrix, Paul Mitchell, Clairol um Lorielle, Colerly of Italy, I have
used all different kinds of hair colors It’s worked with all of them. It was never a problem.
So you just mix your color as you would normally and you open
two or three packets of sweet n low.>>I had one client, her scalp was so sensitive
>>I may have used like four or five in a bowl of hair color for her because her skin
was just so extremely sensitive>>and how I found out is that I put hair color on her
hair one time>>and as she sat there she would itch her head>>I gave her a comb to
scratch her scalp and she would just keep itching [scratching] and itching>>and I
said “It’s really bothering you isn’t it?” And so I asked>>I asked an experienced friend
of mine with more experience and she told me>>”Oh put some Sweet n Low in it>>use
the pink stuff>>it works.” So>>that’s what you do you just open it up and throw
it right in the hair color>>and mix it in>>mix it in with the hair color and the peroxide
[developer] and it works. Now another thing that it works on that I have used it for is
perms>>in perm solution>>I had another client with a sensitive scalp and she had
perm so>>um>>I have tried it in perm solution and in hair color and it works for both. I
didn’t try it in highlights>>but I imagine it should work but I’m>>not>>I haven’t
used it. But I believe that I would try it if I needed to. But with highlights you are
more off the scalp anyway>>with hair color you go right to the scalp. So I just wanted
to give you a tip about the pink stuff and I am a licensed cosmetologist and this might
not be sanctioned by the Board of Cosmetology but it’s a tip passed on
from experienced hair salon owners and beauticians who have worked through the years. So I use
it and I just wanted to share that with you. Al right>>have a great day wherever you
are in your day. Thanks for stopping by my channel. Bye Bye

11 thoughts on “Hair Color | Sensitive Scalps | Additive To Hair Color | Sweet -n- Low ~~~Nancy

  1. Thanks for the advice. What's your hair color and brand? I like it. I need a good brand that makes my hair look more blonde ashy and not brassy.

  2. i have a sensitive scalps every time i dye my hair, my hair having an allergy. can sweet n low can help me  to less damage my hair for bleaching? and can i apply sweet n low in bleaching developer? thanks.

  3. hi Nancy I'm going to try that little tib about the sweet Low,I try everything else,Thanks that's the first time I heard about sweet low,Hmm,I'll let how I made out ,I'm a little scared!!

  4. hi Nancy I'm going to try that little tib about the sweet Low,I try everything else,Thanks that's the first time I heard about sweet low,Hmm,I'll let how I made out ,I'm a little scared!!

  5. I used 4 packs and worked great! Thanks so much. Every time I color my hair to cover grey I would get so burnt. My ears got so bad they blistered every time. My whole scalp would burn and itch so bad and I would even get scabs on my scalp. I'd be in pain for a week or two. Now I won't hate when 8 weeks are up and I need to color again.

  6. I respect cosmetologists, but just couldn't deal with the chemicals anymore so I started dying my hair with orange kool aid mixed in regular hair conditioner. Works like a charm, and love the color and health of my hair right now! But it does burn. Thanks so much for the tip!

  7. I'm a natural strawberry blonde & my hairdresser uses 6 pkts. & I can only color the top half of my hair On my resent visit even that burned & I think she forgot to put it in but didn't admit to it. I wish she would have told me the truth so I would know for sure. I-m not going back to her, though.

  8. When you say sensitive skin do you mean like how you burn if allergic to PPD or do you mean just a little irritation?

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