Hannah’s first flu shot! HOLY TERROR!

You’ve never got a flu shot, Hannah your embarrassing
me. You’ve never had a flu shot before, ok, Yes I have…and right now I’m embarrassed
by your behavior, stop ok. Stop I don’t want to, (crying Fear) Uh uh, don’t move, alright
be still, I don’t want to I don’t want to. (kid fearful crying) Wait a minute am I gonna
have to hold her down or what? You don’t have to but I really don’t want the flu shot, what
does it feel like? It’s not gonna hurt, it’s just a shot it’s just gonna feel like a mosquito
bite I promise. A mosquito bite? Yes a mosquito bite, I promise. That’s it a little mosquito
bite not a big one. Take a deep breath, in and out and relax. (breathing) I can’t relax
when I’m crying. 1….2 .. DONT MOVE! ok… 3. OW, OUCH that does not feel like a mosquito
bite (screaming) Hannah chill out, ok it’s over with. It’s over with (screaming, crying)
stop, stop, stop it. Ok your gonna be fine. We got a band-aid on it already. Alright ya’ll
bye, thank you. Your welcome. That does not feel like a mosquito bite! (rage) Stop, Stop,
please, baby, please it’s just a flu shot ok, (kid crying) it’s over with alright. It
hurts, it hurts, baby stop, please stop ok. Please stop crying. Please stop crying, calm
down it’s over with ok. Just calm down. Stop, stop it ok, we’ve done been through a lot
we’ve done thrown the shoes, we’ve had the temper tantrum and it’s over with. Ok it hurts
(kid crying) it’s just a mosquito bite ok. It’s not a dog gone mosquito bite (rage quit)
Alright now give me five we got it done (smacking sounds) no that’s not five. IT HURTS, it will
go away in just a minute ok. (kid crying) stop it. Now we got our flu shot come on tiger,
you got this your a big girl! alright. You got this ok. Alright, (child fussing) you
did a good job ok. It hurts, you did a very good job. How can I do a good job when it
doesn’t even feel well. But it’s gonna keep you from getting sick. Ok. I don’t care. Yes
I care, Daddy cares alright, now get your shoes. GRAB THE STOOL (little kid rage) You
had a good time throwing the shoes at me now lets abandon ship. OW it hurts. (sobbing)
ok but it will be over with in just a minute. Alright? It hurts, (kid yelling, crying) Steve
Spell II here, right here, we just got Hannah’s flu shot, she got her icee and she is totally
better, give us a big thumbs up Hannah! Alright good job

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