Health warning about flu-related pneumonia

now to a Health Alert flu season is in full swing doctors are seeing widespread activity in Florida while cases in Florida are actually down compared to last year some hospitals are seeing an uptick and another potentially life-threatening illness news for Jax reporter Ashley Harding joins us live this morning so one of the big concerns of the flu is that it can develop into pneumonia that is one of the big concerns Bruce and Melanie a good morning and yes pneumonia can be very dangerous especially for people compromised immune systems children under the age of 2 or adults 65 and older and I reached out to the Health Department and they actually told me they are seeing some pneumonia cases right now and again these can begin with the flu spending time in the hospital isn’t fun for anybody with temperature changes this time of year it’s not uncommon to hear about people being admitted in fact doctors at UF health Jacksonville tell News 4 jacks they’re seeing a bump in flu numbers but what if the flu turns into something else here’s what can happen when you have something like the flu it can make it hard for your body to fight back and that can lead to pneumonia a spokesperson for Baptist Health says it’s hospitals are already seeing an elevated number of patients with pneumonia it’s a lung infection and can lead to breathing problems or a phlegm like cough some of you told us on social media you’ve been there before and know how bad it is one woman said she had it as a child for about a week breathing machine and all another viewer said when he had it it kept being diagnosed as a common cold eventually he said doctors ended up going in draining his lung treating illnesses including the flu before they turn into pneumonia is key so what’s a good way to avoid getting the flu well staying clean by washing your hands is a great start but the best method really is getting a flu shot and no it’s not too late to get one while some pneumonia cases are mild others can be deadly and one way of protect yourself from pneumonia is to get the vaccine for it as always you should consult your health care provider or your doctor already live this morning ashlee warning channel boy the local station all right actually if you’re worried that you already have the flu and you’re concerned about pneumonia there are some things that you that you should and shouldn’t do this is very true Niki first the Florida Department of Health says you should not go to work or school if you start to feel sick now most people who get the flu they are able to recover from it without seeing a doctor first but if it’s that the symptoms last for a few days or if you feel worse you should call your doctor or health care provider right away best to be safe thank you

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