Healthy Legs On Vacation: Avoid Leg Complications on Holiday

If you are planning a trip to a hot sunny
holiday destination, here are my tips for keeping your legs healthy. Firstly, I suggest you consider ways of reducing
the risks of leg swelling and deep vein thrombosis on the journey, particularly if you are going
on a long haul flight. I have covered these in a previous video and the link is shown
above. To summarise briefly, do the inflight exercises, keep hydrated, keep moving and
consider medical compression socks. When you get to your vacation destination,
the heat will inevitably increase your tendency to leg swelling. If you have a tendency to
oedema anyway, this will be worse in hot weather. Now oedema increases your risk of cellulitis.
This can be serious, because oedema fluid is rich in nutrients that encourage bacterial
growth and any trivial scratch or insect bite can lead to a serious leg infection. So try
to reduce the oedema swelling by elevating your legs when ever you can, walk as much
as possible to disperse the oedema and consider medical socks to control the swelling. Now
of course, no one likes the idea of wearing medical socks on holiday but if your oedema
is severe, it may be advisable in order reduce your risks of complications on holiday. I
will provide a link below to a good place to get high quality holiday compression socks.
Medical compression socks nowadays can be light, sheer and needn’t be a misery to
wear even in hot weather. To avoid getting infections of your legs,
use a good insect repellent particularly in the evening, and you may wish to consider
washing with a bactericidal soap tp reduce the bacterial count on your legs and before
you go, think about treating any fungal infections between your toes. Avoid walking barefoot
and cover your legs if you are in the bush or likely to be scratched or pricked by vegetation
or plants. Any scratch, insect bite or graze can act as a portal of entry through the skin
for infection and cracks in the skin from athletes’ foot will allow infections to
take hold. Lastly keep a bottle of water with you on
vacation and keep drinking to maintain hydration. Walk as much as much as possible to main the
leg vein circulation. Don’t let your blood become thick and sticky and keep the blood
in the deep veins moving. Oh and don’t forget to protect your skin with a sunscreen lotion
of at least 20 SPF. Have a great holiday and enjoy healthy legs. My name is doctor Haroun Gajraj, thank you
for watching

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