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so we are working on Gordon who doesn’t want his face shown and we’ll be talking about medicine a little bit this is what we’re talking about important we haven’t done anything to it yet this happen when he hit his leg against a parking stay with a wooden post in a campground parking spot day before yesterday started to swell more become more painful it’s gotten softer and squish your reflection so we are going to go in we give your tetanus shot head Johnson antibiotics for cellulitis is actually did look more red yesterday so I’m going to clean it before and numbered up is that ok we’re using hibiclens going to use some lidocaine with epinephrine buffered with some bicarbonate and going to go around it this is the bad part i see you’re closing your eyes there I don’t blame you here we go sorry i’m just going in the endodermis here abscesses are notorious for being hard to them up Anastasia oh I haven’t started yet well I think we know what it is i was going to say can you grab me a splash shield yeah there’s nothing here is no nothing here some pressure it’s just a human toma choices yeah and it’s just blood lots of but it’s good to get that out it’ll feel better way from the original art so cold blood that’s all the dudes so i would just continue on with the augmentin that we did and then chances are it won’t do anything if it is needed we want it changed yeah yeah dr. Duane yeah since you’re here would you be able to squirt some sailing ok to help wash it out all right can you good there you go that’s fine yeah the other is just a little bit of moving off to the side here to get the sure now for how to close it given that it’s not it’s not bleeding it is not the blood that was in there is not really cumulating so we have the option of closing it loosely we’re leaving open the drain lines okay to that yeah probably just throw a loose one in the middle so one right in the middle allowing it to if it needs to drain anything it can and that’s the the goal here is adequate drainage not absolutely clear and then we’ll just finish out the inbox you already have which are appropriate for clearing cellulitis hey thanks for joining us we’re really glad to get Gordon’s turns out to be a hematoma train and that’s going to feel a lot better if you have not already subscribed to the upper middle group please do right now hit the subscribe button and until next time this is dr. mark bond and our patient Gordon tell it all of you to stay good

36 thoughts on “Hematoma Popping | Auburn Medical Group

  1. Dr Vaughn I'm not sure if you know but at the end of this video there's almost an extra minute and it plays the ending of the video without sound lol! Loved the procedure just so satisfying to watch knowing your removing something that causes discomfort X Claire X

  2. Yay Grape Jelly lol I love watching these. I wish I could do this for a living. i already call myself a nurse bc I give my husband his testosterone shots every 2 weeks lol I've gotten to be a pro at giving a muscular injection.

  3. having a hematoma is no fun. I developed one shortly after I had a csection. It was worse then the actual surgery.

  4. that was a good video I really thought the patient reacted really calmly it was kinda funny. it was cool not gross

  5. This sounds so wrong, but all I could think of was my Nanny's blackberry jam recipe on the homemade honey oatmeal bread I make. I guess working in the medical field has either desensitized me or just assisted my "loony toon-iness". Er, or both…lol. Thanks for another great vid. And hope you all stay in good health too.

  6. Love watching hematoma removals. That was a great video. I'm sure your patient felt so much better…that had to be uncomfortable.

  7. Goodness me! I'm forever banging my legs off things but nothing has ever swollen and gone squishy, thank Glob! Love from Scotland xx

  8. I've been watching your videos since you had maybe 4000 subs, I'm glad to see your channel gaining speed! You do a great job, and seem like an awesome doctor.

  9. I ama 50's woman who got violently assaulted by an aggressive [unknown to me] woman who stamped and kicked my shin [amongst other blows to head]…..an ambulance was called and a big haematoma swelled up like a half orange on my shin immediately..I was in masses of pain.
    It is now just over 2 weeks later, and there is a hot itchy discoloured ''spot'' over the wost kick [she was wearing hard pointed boots]..I am worried that the pain is hot and itchy ish…
    could it be infected? I live in UK..maybe should get it checked out by doctor again

  10. I have 'karate-thigh' at the moment from a round house kick to the thigh, and I guess haematoma is causing the swelling. It is much deeper in there so I guess a doctor would need to use a wide bore needle to drain anything but, iIs there anything to be said for leaving haematoma in there, as a natural poultice?

  11. I really like how this doctor discusses what he's doing. He has a great bedside manner and has a variety of different ailments to fix. Great job.

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