Herbal Plant Remedies : Herbs: Ginseng for Colds

The third herb that we’re going to use for
a cold is ginseng, right here. This valuable herb increases mental and physical efficiency
and resistance to stress and disease. It is an adaptigen that can balance the body’s systems,
depending on every individuals needs. For example, if the white blood cells, which is
WBC count is very low, than this herb will increase the white blood cell count. Furthermore,
when the body requires sleep, it can produce a sedative effect. Ginseng increases immune
function and resistance to infection, and can also help improve energy and stamina.
And how to take this particular herb, simply one to two grams of raw herb right here, or
two hundred milligrams daily of an extract for at least two to three weeks period. Using
ginseng is is recommended, and you can also take it for one to two weeks and then a two
week rest period. I’m going to prepare a ginseng tea. Just take at least one cup of boiling
water. Simply mix one teaspoon of tea in the boiling water. Also, you would add one teaspoon
of ginseng powder, and even raw ginseng root is particularly fine. And also to taste, you
can add lemon
mixed with honey, one teaspoon or according to your taste, and simply filter the tea. And you can take
it at least two times daily, once in the morning and once in the evening. So how would you
take the ginseng herb is simply one to two grams of raw herb or two hundred milligrams
of an extract. A two to three week period of ginseng is recommended, followed by one
to two weeks of rest period. And this will simply relieve your cold symptoms, your sore
throat, and also if you have any cough.

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