HGH (Human Growth Hormone) TRUTHS & MYTHS!

What’s going on Hermanites? I’m Scott from Scotthermanfitness.com and today I want to talk to you a little bit about Human Growth hormone also [known] as HGH But before we even start this video. I want to let you guys know right up front [obviously] I’m not a doctor I’m not your doctor now I’m not medically prescribing anyone to take HGH we’re just going to talk about this topic [now] usually when people ask me questions, [and] it doesn’t matter What supplement it is HGH or anything else and they say Scott should I take this? I usually say well If you’re asking me if you should take something you probably have your own answer Because you should never put anything in your body that you don’t first research on your own usually ask a second question and that question is how [many] [hours] of sleep are you getting and What are your macro counts for the day? and if you can’t answer that question either Then you definitely shouldn’t be taking any Supplements, because you don’t have a place [to] start from. If you don’t know what your macros are for the day How do you know what to supplement into your meal plan? So make [sure] you’re getting seven to nine hours of sleep and make sure your macros are set so you can reach your goal Whether it’s muscle gain or fat loss Now what is HGH? HGH is a naturally occurring [substance] in your body and it’s created from the pituitary gland in your brain and What it’s responsible for is the overall growth of the milk development of the bones muscles and other tissues in your body There’s basically three [people] born those people born who have an average level like myself Maybe some of you some of them have a deficiency and then some who excrete an abnormal amount So obviously if you’re an average person you’re growing you know you haven’t really seen any Any deficiencies and your muscle growth or bone growth range like that more than likely you’re producing enough HGH which the average person is If you have a deficiency, it’s probably been something that’s caught on early, and you’re under medical supervision already And you’re getting your HGH injections to make sure that you grow and develop properly If you [have] an abnormal amount of secretion, it’s possible you have something known as acromegaly Which is basically you guys have Andre the giant is he has a you know bigger head bigger forehead bigger Jawline bigger hands bigger feet Hairier bigger organs Inflammation of the Joint maybe hypertension high blood pressure and those things are irreversible, but you’re born that way So there’s really nothing [that] you can do about it as far as my [knowledge] is concerned so Why do people take HGH? Why are they injecting themselves with it? Obviously HGH is responsible overall growth and development It does help the body burn fat but if you already have an average amount There’s really nothing [you] can take Naturally to substantially boost the amount of natural levels in your body, and if you start injecting yourself with HGH You’re not under medical supervision It’s possible that you can get some of these conditions that go along with acromegaly and they’re irreversible, and it’s been scientifically proven that HGH injections [don’t] really have any significant impact on extra muscle growth or fat loss So there’s really no need to do it and it’s super expensive so unless you have a Deficiency or maybe know you’re getting 30 years old or above and your body’s not producing as much and you think Maybe I need HGH injections. Go talk to your doctor the answer should always be Not hey buddy. Should I take HGH? No should be hey Dr. Smith should I be taking it? Then they’ll run a test And they’ll let you know if it’s something that you should be taking So to wrap this video up sum it all up there are some things that you can do to ensure that your body is naturally Producing the amount it’s supposed to number one make sure you’re getting seven to nine [hours] of sleep It’s proven that your body actually secretes the most HGH when you hit slow-wave sleep. Which is the deepest cycle of sleep Make sure you’re eating properly and also make sure you’re exercising The more intense the exercise is the more HGH your body is going to produce naturally on its own Then we can also talk about alcohol, but we can talk about it kind of lightly There’s been studies done in the show that if you’re consuming alcohol your HGH Production can go down like 70% [and] mainly because people are drinking at night And they’re it’s disrupting their sleeping patterns. So not getting that HGH secretion while they’re sleeping so if you’re going to drink alcohol you go to a party just don’t get wasted every night But the end of the day your body [super-smart]. It’s going to naturally be able to adapt to make sure it can survive and grow So I hope you guys enjoyed this video, on HGH if you have any questions, or comments, please leave them in the comment section below From well great information feel free to join me on my website Scotthermanfitness.com and as always more good stuff coming soon See you guys

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  2. I was born 23 weeks premature and they injected me with tons of hgh, I've grown extremely health and I barely have to work out to keep in shape, I'm basically super human because of it, I'm 17 and I have the strength of a 20 year old, I have a a almost perfect metabolism and I keep slim and lean no matter how much/little I eat.

  3. _A friend of mine s aw an ad about Growth—Sinerama—Wmx Height—enhancer—supplement and excitedly told me about it. I went to see what the hype is about.
    ….Yes, it was fairly interesting , I thought at that time. …But still reluctant and unsure if I should u s e , or even try it. And now, 6 months after and 3 inches taller all I can say is that I' AM GLAD I MADE THE RIGHT DECISION_

  4. I love sp o rts, basketball in particular , but everyone always passed me up so I stayed on the sidelines a lot. My dream was to become a professional sports player but I could never get there at my height….. I looked online a n d found growtallerways website and thought that I’d give Growth Sinerama–wmx–grow-taller-product a try just to see if I could really grow again. It’s been 8 months now and I’ve grown 3 inches! Now I have a real shot at trying out for the pro’s

  5. You know this guys full of shit because of what it says in the beginning of the video. It doesn't take a a damn rocket scientist to know professional bodybuilders take hgh and they don't have low numbers of it starting off so why does it help them if what your saying was true? Why the fuck are they spending thousands of dollars a month for it if it wouldn't benefit them in the slightest. Your talking out your ass about shit you heard and ignoring common sense

  6. #tony perez I took hgh when I was 19 of age along with some epistane. 3 years later I look much better than when I was on prohormones and hgh. Even to this date I still keep making gains, I work hard but its hard to belive all my gains know are natural. I need to know how long the hgh muscle building, effects stay on the body, which unfortunately you seem to not know. @زياد الزاملي

  7. you don't need to count your Macros to take supplements. You also don't need 7 to 9 hours of sleep to take HGH. Most people that work 12 to 14-hour days I can get maybe 6 hours of sleep that's why we would take HGH

  8. "It's been scientifically proven"… "human GROWTH hormone, won't help you grow any muscles at all" who conducted these studies? they must be really shitty scientists… these must be the scientists that claim noahs ark was a thing that happened… I'd like to see this research.

  9. hgh volumizes cells and increases cell splitting wich equals permanent gains to a degree. Hgh either goes to the receptor that need to be repaired or the receptor densest area abuse will cause organ and skull growth

  10. Right! So all those athletes who are getting caught with it are really just using "Michael Jordan's Secret Stuff" from Space Jam. It's really just water and they had it in them the whole time. Nigga please!

  11. he's correct but mother fuckers but that's because you take insulin with hgh and that's how you get serious effects.

  12. the research is BS…. basically if it really didnt have those effects peopl would not keep using them.. ITS CALLED GROWTH hormone for sakes…

  13. I like your video Scott I've been taking HGH for 18 months now through a Doctor i have not lost any weight all put on muscle and i eat very healthy the only thing i can say it has done which i am happy about is all the Arthritis out of my body is Completely gone a man fuck it is very EXPENSIVE and if anybody thinks that there gonna go and get on HGH and think your gonna lose all this body fat and put on lots of muscle think again because that isn"t going to happen unless you take large amounts of it! and if you do that it is very dangerous with big side-effects!! 2iu 5 days a week is very good for Anti-ageing

  14. NO INCREASED MUSCLE FROM HGH??? really, i have a friend who has been doing it about a year and has put on at least 30Lbs of muscle, ,HGH truths???

  15. Mr Herman, what you've just said is one of the most insanely idiotic things I have ever heard. At no point in your rambling, incoherant response were you even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. Everyone who watched this video is now dumber for having listned to you. I award you no likes, and may God have mercy on your soul.

  16. Are the natural hgh supplements, such as sprays, tablets, etc full of the same side effects too?

    If someone with low dht low testosterone uses the supplements to recover dht levels, will these levels drop once the hgh supplement is no longer being used?

  17. Correction thymus gland, true the pituitary gland sends signals but none of that is good without the regrowth of the thymus Gland.

  18. This guy always gets me cracking up. Hes deff a wanna be health instructor maybe a decent fitness guide but deff not someone ild take nutrition edvice. Dude is totally confusing hgh with testosterone. One of those really cool and nice guys that talk alot of dumb shit and you have to try hard as fuck not to laugh by just agreeing politely. I could never understand why guys gel their hair and pretty up for working out. Why do Straight Metro guys check you out more than girls is behond me. Fitness for goals is for real men fitness for appearance is for simple minded boys. lol this guy just seams like one of those guys lol

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    available without a prescription! Try it out today http://www.hghstrong.com

  20. You're a fuckin joke! There's a couple twerps at my gym who like your vids, so I figured I'd check a few out… HAHAHAHA!! You're actually pathetic. Rampant misinformation and a laughable fake accent- though to be fair, your voice in this video isn't as HAHDCAWE fake as some other ones. The ENTIRE fitness world (outside of your 15 yr old demographic) laughs heartily at you, this and everyday.

  21. Half million views, for the sake of accurate information, I hope everyone is reading the comments.

    Remember, any idiot can start a YouTube channel

    Their are a ridiculous amount of studies done that establish HGH causing fat loss and muscle growth at the same time.

  22. I watched the steroids video and only positive remarks. I watch this one, a lot of negatives? What is the difference 😛 Did people unfollow you?

  23. Hes got no idea what hes talking about..he said it dint work if you got enough..what?..dude please stick to what u know..and one more thing iam so fucking sick of hearing count your this and that with your food..fuck that shit..eat train sleep and grow..dont worry about all that shit guys iam telling u it's not worth it and it dint make sense to spend half your day with all that..your body tells u what u need..trust me..if u crave pizza u need carbs if u crave to eat clean ur lacking vegetables and vitamins u wont eat the same every day if u want to eat like by serving them ok so that..like if u got rice and its 40g carbs per serving with 2 servings then eat one serving of u want..if ur nit pumping drugs and trying to go pro just train..eat..sleep..have fun and grow..

  24. Man I can’t say how crazy you must be. HGH does help those using it burn fat while building muscle. You are truly doing a disservice to your viewers and are either bat shit crazy or trying to prevent young kids from using

  25. At 2:00 you explain how HGH injections are helping people with a deficiency.
    At 3:08 you then say it has been scientifically proven that HGH injections have no impact.
    If they have no impact, why give them to people with deficiencies.

  26. im 26 years old i went on hgh for 6 months i definately saw a change in my body especially later on when i was off it , i felt tremendous everyday people told me i didnt need it and it would ruin my body so dont believe everyones thoughts and lessons unless you have actually gone on it

  27. Please take down this video before someone who needs hgh sees this absolute garbage… u have no clue what you're talking about….

  28. Your soooooo misinformed on this video man. Take it down and do your research. point ONE. “Nothing you can take to increase hgh production? MK-677. Doesn’t help with fat loss and muscle growth? https://youtu.be/_BgXuayqZ-E

  29. Wrong, I was taking HGH for a year and I got all lean and muscle. Now I am 54 still great body and taking HGH in less dosage and check with my doctor every 6 months. My cholesterol has been 158 and glucose is 89 so again genes lifestyle and moderation is the key. Also, don't buy those call fakes HGH from China that where your health problems start coming from.

  30. In my late 40's I took HGH for 10 months, low doses about 40% below what the doctor recommended (live in Indonesia where it's easy to get the stuff). First time in my life that I could see muscle gains weekly. Got really buffed out, although developed a mild case of manboobs. After 10 months I started retaining excess water in my legs so I quit. AND, afterwards I swear my muscles still react more quickly to weight training than they did when I was in my 20's and 30's. Maybe I'm a fool, but it seemed to work great.

  31. u gotta love watching a guy who doesnt even lifts talk about gh, and even better when he says everything wrong about it😀😀😀

  32. instead of listening to this dime sized nutjob, if u wanna see the results of gh use… look up a guy named Sylvester stallone

  33. With HGH your sleep will drop to 6 hours or less. Plan to watch a lot of YouTube videos when you wake up at 4am

  34. What is the differences between HGH 191 and HGH 176-191(also called HGH fragments )?
    Usually you inject HGH 191,it can take your body's fat and turn into muscle and as life energy use,
    so HGH 191 gain muscle and burn fat.HGH 176-191 only burn fat.

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