Home Remedies & General Health FAQ : How to Get Rid of a Cold

You’ve got a cold or you feel a cold coming
on, there’s a few things you can do to help you get rid of that cold. I’m Dan Carlson,
I’m a nurse, I’m going to try and help you through this today. You’re going to want to
increase your vitamin C intake, your fluid intake. Use certain medications to treat your
symptoms of your cold as it’ll make your cold a lot less extreme. You can do certain things
like drinking or eating chicken noodle soup, warm tea maybe with honey. Honey helps a lot
on a sore throat. But basically you’re going to want to treat the symptoms, get a lot of
rest, maybe see a physician if you think it’s getting a little too harsh. Maybe a pharmacist
can help you in telling you which medications would help prevent the severe severity of
a cold. You can do all sorts of little things, but increasing fluids and increasing your
rest and not exerting yourself, using medications to treat the symptoms are all very important
things. If you feel it necessary, definitely consult a physician. How to treat a cold,
I’m Dan Carlson.

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