Home Remedies & General Health FAQ : How to Treat Strep Throat

If you find yourself with a consistent sore
throat or very harsh painful sore throat, you may have strep throat. How to treat strep
throat, I’m Dan Carlson and I’m a nurse. The first thing that you’re going to want to do
is to actually see a doctor to see if it is strep throat and see what kind of medications
or suggestions he has regarding the treatment of strep throat. One good thing is to do to
treat the strep throat after you’ve seen a doctor is to maybe use a humidifier to help
soothe that sore throat. Taking certain medications and altering your diet are also very important.
Increasing fluids, that’s also something you’re going to want to do as to kind of wash out
all the impurities in your system. Now a doctor may recommend certain antibiotics and things
like that, but the medications you’ll take on the side are basically to treat the symptoms
of the soreness and any other problems you’re having with sore throat. But definitely try
to keep a high humidity area, drink lots of fluids, but most importantly see a doctor
first to regard if it is or not strep throat. I’m Dan Carlson, that’s how to treat strep

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