Honey Lemon Ginger Tea | Cold & Flu Remedy

– Hello, beautiful people. Today on Bachelor on a Budget we are making honey,
lemon, and ginger tea. This concoction has great
nutritional properties that are gonna help the
soreness in our throat. Honey is both antibacterial
and antifungal. Ginger has a long history as a medicine, as a pain reliever, and for inflammation. And lemon has a bunch of
vitamin C and other nutrients. And, altogether, these taste delicious. So, all you’re gonna need is some ginger, some honey, some lemons, and a sterilized jar. Let’s get started and soothe our throats. For this size jar, we’re
going to use two lemons and about that much ginger. We’ll cut our lemon down to size. You can remove the ends or any seeds. Next is our ginger. We’re just gonna peel this with a spoon. Ginger is one of those ingredients that you kind of want to get organic. Because it has a very thin skin and so it contains the most pollutants when it’s non-organic, especially if you’re buying it from China. Okay, then fill that. Little lemon, little ginger, little lemon, little ginger, little lemon. Let’s shove that down. Now, we wanna add our honey. I had to warm mine up a bit, ’cause it wasn’t quite fully liquid. And put a lid on that. And that will last a
few weeks in the fridge, but you’ll probably go
through it a lot faster. This stuff also makes great gifts, but, yeah, it’s really
great for the throat. So, you add it with a bit of hot water or even a bit of cold water. Let’s give this a taste. And you can always add
more honey, if you’d like. Some hot water. And voila. We got our beautiful jar of
lemon, honey, and ginger. This is really delicious and it already feels
way better on my throat. You can feel the honey kind of coating. I love this stuff. So, that’s why I make kind
of a bulk version of it. That’s about five, six servings, depending on how much you like, how sweet you like it, how flavorful. Yeah, give this a shot. Little bonus things you can
add to this is some tumeric. Tumeric is a great addition. Or a little cayenne pepper. Both add a bunch of nutritional
properties and flavor. And hit that subscribe button already. That way you’ll get informed of new videos, new recipes,
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