Hormones in Milk: Should You Worry?

[Music] Oftentimes we get a lot of questions about the hormones in our food. First off I want you to know that poultry and pork cannot be given hormones, so that’s one area you can rest assured that you don’t have to worry about. One of the big questions I always get from parents is about hormones in milk. Do I need to spend more money on that hormone free milk? What do I need to do? Is it dangerous? What’s it doing? The bottom line is feel safe in drinking any milk that’s out there. The milk is being tested at the farm, at the tanker truck, at the factory, and at all times they’re making certain that that milk does not have any more hormones in it than it would be naturally occurring in milk coming straight from the cow. So feel free to know that you don’t have to spend that extra money, that you’re going to be safe, and that the hormone level in that milk is going to be the same that is naturally occurring.

12 thoughts on “Hormones in Milk: Should You Worry?

  1. Milk contains hormones naturally, but progesterone is the most abundant. Most of the progesterone is located in the milk-fat so progesterone concentrations would increase from skim-milk (with the lowest) to butter (with the highest).

  2. This lady seems nice and means well but I don't think she knows what she's talking about it all, she did not capture the nuance of the argument. It's way too complex for us to quantify everything, that's why the closer you get to as Natural as you can raise an animal the healthier it's going to be.

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  4. So lady, what you're saying is that Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Israel, Argentina, and the European Union are all out of their minds for not allowing rBST to be on the market? I don't know if to feel bad for this woman or be utterly pissed at her. Haha

  5. Grass-fed, raw milk is the best. For those who have been brainwashed to believe that milk isn't good for the body, i challenge you to find me a plausible study that shows that.

  6. She didn't really say it was good or bad. She just admitted that there are hormones in cow's milk. That's it.

    She didn't reply to the question "Do I need to supplement my body with hormones from cow's milk or is it actually going to harm me? Should I worry?"

  7. Milk contents naturally occurring estrogens. And because of artificial insemination, the number of pregnant cows is superior. The amount of estrogens in pregnant milk starting from the second trimester skyrockets in 33%. They milke pregnant cows do not lose their profits. The same with organic varieties.

  8. I am a man and I drink non organic milk, I have HUGE tits or "moobs" as the scientific community likes to call it. Stay away from that shit.

    -Mooby dick

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