How a common cold develops

This animation will show how you get a cold.
A cold is a viral illness which usually lasts for about one week.
Click the navigation arrows below the animation screen to play, pause, rewind or fast-forward
the animation. This animation contains sound.
Cold viruses, such as the rhinovirus and coronavirus, are taken into the body when you breathe them
in from the air, or when you touch surfaces which have the virus on them and then touch
your mouth, nose or eyes. You can also get cold viruses from close or
direct contact with someone with the virus. By kissing someone with the virus for example.
The eyes, nose, mouth and airways are all connected.
Cold viruses can pass through these tubes and cavities to cause the symptoms of a cold.
Cold viruses grow in soft, warm surfaces, such as your nose, throat, sinuses or airways.
Infection with a cold virus causes the immune system to produce antibodies which attach
to the virus and destroy it. Your body also makes mucus which traps the
virus. You may swallow the viruses so they are destroyed
by the acid in your stomach or they may be removed when you blow your nose.
Excess mucus production causes the symptoms of a blocked nose, sneezing and coughing.
You may also have a headache which may be caused by the pressure in the sinuses blocked
with mucus. Your body gradually fights the infection so
you feel better after about a week. This is the end of the animation.
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100 thoughts on “How a common cold develops

  1. there are so many people with the flu that hade to go home sick at my school. now I'm laughing and shaking like crazy. help. one like = one less person who gets the flu

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  3. Why are humans:

    a) So sensitive to temperature changes?
    b) So susceptible to viral and bacterial infection?
    c) Extremely malodorous compared to other animals?
    d) Still not immune to carcinogens?
    e) The most psychologically overburdened animal in the animal kingdom yet physiologically weaker?

    Next life, I may want to come back as an eagle.

  4. I hate the beginning part when you know what you are in for and your throat feels all tight and weird and you feel tired.

  5. Cheers to the dicks who sneeze and cough without covering their mouths or by coughing straight into their fucking hands then touching shit all over the place. Self-absorbed *assholes*. Now I might be sick. Felt a little tickle in the back of my throat and some drainage. Hopefully I didn't catch it, but I guess we'll see tomorrow. I've been trying to be careful, too. And I'm hella healthy. Well, when you haven't been sick at all in 4 years, I guess it comes time. The West needs to adopt the mask wearing habit of the Japanese. At least they have some common fucking courtesy, instead of willfully spreading their disease around, without giving a fuck about other people.

  6. I wouldn't be surprised if the pharmaceutical companies selling the common cold "temporary relief" medications are the very same ones genetically manufacturing and disseminating the cold "Rhino-Viruses". It's a billion dollar enterprise. What better way to ensure a steady, never ending income…

  7. I can't sleep when I first get a cold coz I get this mucus dripping down my throat and I have to constantly swallow yet the swallowing is horrible coz I have a sore throat. 😔

  8. Guys if anyone here has a cold atm (like i do 😭🤢🤮🤒😴) here is a really good and natural recipe that helps it clear up in about 2 days and relieves symptoms:
    All in a cup:
    *hot water to top
    *pinch of cinnamon
    *pinch of ginger
    *spoon of honey

    Enjoy and take this two to three times a day until symptoms disappear 💓

  9. I mean, us all having colds here— I'm being paranoid, with the starting stage as the sore throat in which you have when you wake up in the morning. ….and I have to sit here and watch this thing develop. I'd say the worst part for me, is the sore throat and headaches. You can manage the runny nose by blowing it all out easily and fixing the problem, and congestion by some old techniques, but in my opinion, you really can't do anything about sore throats and headaches. You just have to sit around and deal with it. Any thoughts?

  10. I was so sure I just came back from the supermarket with hayfever. Took an antihistamine but didn't work. 6 hours later, watery nose that wont stop running, sore throat and congestion. I ate a whole clove of garlic with honey because I'm desperate not to get worse. Woke in the morning to a burning throat! Had some honey. Mucus is a bit thicker now and a little yellow. Still feel like s**t. F you cold virus and f you to the person who didn't stay home! 🙁 c'mon antibodies, get this virus out!

  11. They havent found a immun for this shit yet? we are in 2019. If they dont find it i will and i will just wait one day

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