Based on many years of clinical experience,
research of the medical literature and study of expert guidance, we at the VeinCare Centre
recognise 7 steps to successful transformation of legs with unsightly varicose veins. They
are: Step -1) Assessment based on duplex ultrasound
scan to diagnose where the superficial venous reflux is and how it spreads to cause the
varicose veins. Step -2) Endothermal ablation to eradicate
and cure the superficial venous reflux Step -3) Sclerotherapy of side branches and
tributaries feeding into the varicose veins Step -4) Micro-extraction (also called Phlebectomy)
of the lumpy visible varicose veins Step -5) Micro-injection of any associated
spider veins (also called Microsclerotherapy) Step 6) Careful check-up examinations with
duplex ultrasound Step 7) Early additional treatments if required At our clinic, step 1 is included at the initial
consultation where our specialist takes a medical history, examines the patient and
performs a duplex scan as a “one-step” assessment. Steps 2, 3 and 4 are performed
together at the treatment session under local anaesthetic as a walk in walk out procedure.
Step 5 is usually then performed 2-3 months later. We aim to complete steps 6 and 7 within
6 months of the treatment session. At the VeinCare centre we have a consistent
approach to treating varicose veins that is documented in our clinical pathway and which
is subjected to continuous quality evaluation and improvement. In this way, we can achieve
excellent results both in terms of abolishing venous reflux and conferring considerable
health benefits (such as reducing the risks of complications like phlebitis, varicose
eczema and leg ulcers) and also in terms of obtaining a considerable improvement in appearance. Successful treatment of varicose veins is
judged by the follow up duplex ultrasound scan. The aim of treatment is to abolish all
reflux and this is an important quality standard. However, we are mindful that our patients
also want their legs to look good afterwards. The appearance of the legs after treatment
is an important aspect of patient satisfaction. Patient satisfaction surveys, both performed
by the clinic and those conducted by independent third parties, testify that we are doing well
here as a result of our systematic 7 step approach.


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