How does cold weather affect asthma?

Three-quarters of people with asthma tell us that cold weather is a trigger for their asthma. The reason for this is cold weather creates a spasm in the lungs. When air passes through the nose, it warms up and doesn’t affect the lung so badly. Because people with asthma have twitchy lungs anyway, it makes them more susceptible to having that spasm. In order to try and prevent that happening breathing through your nose can make a difference. The other thing is putting a scarf or something else loosely over your mouth to try and warm up the air that way. That can make a difference to some people. The other things to do with when the weather is cold is keep an eye on the weather forecast. If you know the weather’s going to be bad, you can be prepared better. It’s also worth making sure you are taking your preventer medication regularly and taking your reliever medication with you. and you know what to do if your asthma does start playing up.

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