How Does The Common Cold Work?

(electronic ringing) (academic orchestral music) (sneezing) – (disgusted grunt) Gross. (splashing) We’re rolling, okay. Hi, I’m Ben with today’s question. What is the common cold? When someone says, “I have
a cold,” what do they mean? What they mean really, is that there’s something in their body causing a set of symptoms and we call this set of
symptoms the actual cold. This includes things like runny
noses, sneezing, coughing, maybe even chills or a
monster of a headache. It does not include a fever. Normally if there’s a
fever we call it the flu. And there are a lot of different viruses that can cause cold symptoms,
but about half the time the cold is caused by a class
of virus called a rhinovirus. Like the words rhino
and virus put together, but not a rhinoceros.
(rhino grunting) (beeping) That would be way cooler. The rhinoceros, excuse me, rhinovirus gets into the cell lining of your nose and it starts reproducing. It arrives from other people. So there are some myths we have to bust. One, it is not cold
weather that causes a cold, instead it’s the fact that cold weather causes people to
congregate together indoors and it makes it easier for a rhinovirus to jump from one person to the next. The virus generally moves
from someone else’s hands to your hands through something
like touching a doorknob, putting your hands into
your nose or your eyes, which I’m not gonna do ’cause that would be
kind of gross on camera. Your body reacts to the
presence of the rhinovirus with its immune system. In the case of a cold, the immune system opens up
blood vessels inside your nose through inflammation and this also increases your mucus. And these two processes give
you that famous runny nose and the stuffy feeling. The irritation caused by the virus and all the fluid causes sneezing. (squirting) When the virus makes it
into the cell lining, then your lungs are gonna start producing
fluid and mucus as well and that’s what makes you cough. Your coughing up lung mucus. As the immune system gears
up over several days, fights the virus back, this
mucus thickens, it gets grosser. This mucus thickens and it
changes color with dead cells, a form of puss. That is true and it’s gross
and it is totally true, but eventually, the immune system eliminates
the virus completely and boom, you’re well again. You’re a hail and hearty and ready for some more misadventure. How long does this take? Well, the whole healing process takes about seven to 10 days
if you have average health. So that’s it, that’s what people mean when
they say they have a cold. We hope that you enjoyed this video and we’d love to hear from
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we will see you next time. (electronic ringing)

100 thoughts on “How Does The Common Cold Work?

  1. The best way to avoid getting a cold is to abstain from orgasm completely during the cold season. Orgasm weakens men and women, making us more vulnerable to the virus.

  2. Useless gave no advice on what to eat or not eat to prevent the mucus which is what the virus lives in. See Dr Axe for sound functional medicine advice and turn a cold around in 24 hrs.
    Heat kills virus not body cells that's why you should wear scarf around neck take ginger garlic zinc vit D echinacea elderberry syrup.. hot lemon and honey drinks and alkaline forming diet
    If you feed a cold you will you will end up having to starve a fever That's how the body works Flu jabs don't in fact they jncrease risk of alzeimers with mercury!
    Fast but lots of filtered water and get lots of sleep that's what your body is crying out for..

  3. I have a cold when I posted this comment but because I am healthy It will last for 3 days for me. I posted this on the 2nd day. (I got it from a sore throat)

  4. When you said that you could get infected if you rubbed your hands against your eyes guess what I did

  5. Is there anyway to prevent this?? This is probably my 4th or 5th time catching a cold in the past 2 months! It suck s

  6. What a about go out on a cold raining day and stand there to get wet for long time? Pretty sure many got cold that way. There is no one else around and one can still have fever on that circumstance.

  7. 7-10 days of pure agony.. cold is almost never lethal (unless your immune system toast) but it does feel like it. The CIA need to stop waterboarding people and jusg infect them with cold virus and let nature takes it course. By the 3rd day those terrorist gonna sold their mother in exchange for a paracetamol

  8. Closed sinus/inflammation I guess
    Runny nose
    Sinus head ache

    Yeah I think I have a cold. Thanks 4th week of school.

  9. Perhaps the microbiome and other tiny stuff work together to help the body Purge any irritants that has built up. Instead of a "cure" maybe find a way to make it less contagious

  10. You know when you have a cold when you feel it in your throat. It's bad. And you know your going to have a baaaaaaaaad week…

  11. I am at the 3rd or 4th day currently, my throat hurt a lot the first teo days, now im in the sneezy, coughy, dripy nose, a little bit of light handedness phase.

  12. Thank you so very much for the information.
    Most of my life I would first have a cold, the doctor will prescribe me antibiotics. You would take me about 2 to 3 weeks to get rid of a cold leaving me with a sinus infection, and more anabiotic’s. Even if I was not prescribed antibiotics, assuming that I took them common I would still be down for six weeks minimum.
    Into thousand 14 I decided no more anabiotic’s but tough it out. I succeeded, I also eat foods to feed the bacteria in my stomach. I have not been sick as I was before. I’ve had maybe 2 colds that were over with In about seven days or less. I once again have the worst cold I’ve had in four years.
    My dog alerted me about a week ago this something was going on, with his fascination with my left and nostril. I feeling under the weather on Monday, On Tuesday I knew I had a cold. Today’s Friday, and I am on the mend for sure. My chest is even clearing up. Since I am not accustomed to having a normal called the other person in good health would have I was wondering if it’s a two week period that you would be sick. At this rate I should be feeling pretty good bye Sunday and feel even better went Monday and Tuesday.

  13. Thanks for the video, I have a cold now and I feel awful. The runny nose is the worst. A question: But when the virus enters your body, are there times that your imune system destroys it and you don´t get any sympotons? Or do you always have a cold?

  14. I have clarified thise doubt today because of you, sharing knowledge is emprove our ability gratefully thank full to I am so curiosity in physics subject

  15. Anyone with a cold or flu please eat raw garlic no lie it will kill it off in a day i took 2 tablespoons and next day it was clearing up thank god. the garlic will kill all the infection within 24 hours and good luck! hope you all get well soon 🙂

  16. I’m at an airport terminal waiting for my flight, enjoying the last few minutes on YouTube. By the time we land I won’t hear a thing, I’ll be deaf as a doornail for the next couple days.

  17. So wait right now i got a sore throat and a runny nose does that mean it's just starting or ending?

  18. For the esoteric amongst you; treat the common cold like an evil magical bind. Such as invoking the demon of dryness; with the demon of mucus and so on. It's not rocket science; for those who know.

  19. December 26th 2018 I started to come down with a cold and it's just gotten worse. This is a time of year I normally enjoy being out with family and friends socialising and I'm fucking housebound. Absolutely livid. I've been sneezing so much my eyeballs and head hurt and my eyes are so swollen I look like I went 12 round with Mike Tyson. I'm not even fucking around here…how much snot can one person actually have? And best of luck trying to get a proper night's sleep. I'm absolutely shattered and I'm supposed to be catching a flight on the 31st. So I basically have 3 fucking days to lose this bastard of a cold. It almost feels more like a flu with a really full on cold.

  20. I started getting a scratchy throat yesterday and woke up in the middle of the night feeling like I was going to die. Woke up this morning feeling lethargic and weak but the scratchy throat seems to be clearing up and I think I'll be back to normal by the end of today. It doesn't last very long with me but just experiencing that little bit of sickness is terrible. When I was a kid I used to get really sick. My throat would get so sore I couldn't swallow and the sickness would last 2 or 3 weeks. Now I'm a lot healthier than I was as a kid.

  21. I really think that cold and rain has a direct effect on getting a cold. The only times i get colds are during cold weather, or when I'm soaking in a lot if rain. Im in crowded areas all the time during the summer and i never get the cold.

  22. Thank you for helping me explain the phrase "catch a cold" at

  23. I was just in a 10 hour international plane with the worst cold. Not able to get a wink of sleep, sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose constantly and feeling like complete shit. I wore a face mask but people still wanted to kill me. Worst experience of my life and I'm in bed now dog sick.

  24. Doesn’t cold weather also weaken your immune system considering you have to spend more energy to staying warm? A weaken immune system would allow you to be more susceptible to a virus.

  25. This makes me feel like my body is on an adventure, kicking ass. I got excited knowing I will be victorious in 7 days!

  26. Wow man you sound very unscientific and vague. You failed to explain how people get infected and why, because not all people that come in contact with a virus get a cold. Also there is a very good reason the state is called a cold, and you didn't even touch on this. I think the reason is that you simply increase chances to get infected if you lower body temperature. And that mechanism of lowering immunity with temperature, is the interesting part. I think most people know most of the stuff you said.

  27. very helpful information sir, Actually i had suffered from this condition. This is Pintu Chauhan from Nangal. i was facing this problem since long time. i went to many good hospitals but i found no improvement in my condition. Then someone told me about Planet Ayurveda. I went there and i was starting my treatment. Now I am fine. I strongly recommended Planet Ayurveda For who is facing such kind of issue or any other health issue.

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