How is the coronavirus treated? 23-year-old says he thought it was regular flu. 新型肺炎治愈者康复出院,讲述治疗过程

It was on Christmas Eve that I didn’t feel quite well.
So I went home directly. Originally I was to hang out with friends. Because I wasn’t feeling well and it was dizzy, headache. And my arms and legs felt sour and painful. And I felt very weak. The next morning I went to work I felt the symptoms became worse while at work. I asked for sick leave right away. At that time I always thought it’s just a regular flu. Then I went to a local hospital. At that time, they gave me penicillin. Then shots, intravenous therapy, medicines. I was treated in this way for a couple of days. Because I think it’s not good to take sick leave too long. I wanted to go back to work again. When I was in the bus I felt so dizzy. I didn’t feel right at all. And I started to have a fever.
So I took another shot (at hospital). After I went to the hospital, the doctor said I’ve been taken treatment for a while, the fever was not getting better but worse. (They) let me take a blood test. At first I took a regular blood test, which turned out normal. Then I checked liver function and blood lipids. There were one or two items abnormal in liver. Jan 1st, 2020, I went to Xiehe hospital to get one more examination. And I was highly suspected with coronavirus infected. The next day afternoon it was confirmed. I was asked lots of questions. Like where are you working? Have you been to Wuhan Huanan seafood market? As soon as I answered I work at Hankou Railway Station, which is only a few hundred meters away from the seafood market. Then experts in the hospital started video meeting with Jinyintan Hospital (the best infectious disease hospital in Wuhan) to discuss my illness. The meeting lasted a couple of hours before they confirmed to transfer me to Jinyintan hospital. My status at that time was I couldn’t move as a whole. Blood oxygen was low that I was depending on oxygen cylinder to breathe in enough oxygen. After transferred to Jinyintan hospital, They kept monitoring my blood oxygen I was treated following regular pneumonia treatment. Because at that time there wasn’t new treatment for this virus. At that time the doctor said everything should be taken care by the nurses. But my elder sister saw me couldn’t even move. I was even having difficulties eating and drinking as I was too weak to eat food ally by myself. At that time there were two doctors and two security guards trying to stop my sister and keep her out. But she ran in. She wanted to take care of me. And during her stay she fed me food scoop by scoop, water scoop by scoop. She was so careful and attentive. Plus the medicine the doctor gave me, gradually my body starts recovering. Maybe also because I’m young, I’m 23-year-old. I’m the first one to discharge among the severely sick. Before I was diagnosed, I spent 20,000 RMB (~2700USD) for the “flu”. Upon transferring to Jinyintan hospital, I paid for 3000RMB (~405 USD) deposit. When discharging, the hospital didn’t send me the bill. They said the treatment was waived. As for the deposit, my mom said it’s okay we don’t want it. Because of this pneumonia I lost more than 10 kg (22 lb) in total. My face still looks chubby. I mainly lost weight on my belly. My face didn’t lose weight. People couldn’t really tell I lost weight. I think the nurse sisters in Xiehe hospital are really nice. When I couldn’t move because of being sick, they were always rooting for me. They said carry on! You are so young! Everything will be fine. They kept comforting me. My doctor-in-charge, is really nice. For my illness he skipped lunches and meals. And he worked long hours when it’s his time to go off. From me entering the hospital to discharging, including when I was in ambulance, he was talking positively to me and comforting me. The nurses in Jinyintan hospital work from 8am to 10pm everyday! Almost 16 hours a day! They are having a severe working-hand shortage. And every single nurses are working, to fetch the meals for the patients, as some severe patients need to feed the meals. They even need to deal with urinates. It’s totally overloaded. I felt really sorry when saw these. If it’s just normal things we wouldn’t ask them. And a good friend of mine went to Xiehe hospital to visit me. At that time doctor at Xiehe didn’t allow him to go in. He could only see me outside of the window. He saw me, and he cried in the outside. My neighbors visited me after I discharged. And before that they kept conforting my mom. This pneumonia is bad for the digesting system. I’m trying to pay attention to my stomach nowadays. I‘m having a little bit bloating. The thing ate last night, I couldn’t digest properly. My digesting system is really weak. I have no problem exercising, no problems walking around. After discharging my sister caught a flu, then she went for an examination, it’s a regular flu. My parents are totally fine. People I contacted in the hospital and company, the related authorities have sent staffs to take examinations and disinfection. No one is infected on my side. They try to eliminate the source and cut off the spreading. They are very responsive. (Processed voice) As you are treated and recovered, do you want to say anything to the net? Mainly just reduce going out as much as possible. Try avoid the crowded places

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