100 thoughts on “How the new coronavirus compares to Ebola, Zika and SARS

  1. Here is my thing Alex said something big was going to happen during the impeachment, Dems and the world order new they were loosing so they released the ebola virus, Alex was right. RELEASE THE CRAKEN WERE LOOSING

  2. I have a sample I made a video it's not no where near as agressive as Sara's or MERV it's 9/10 animal to Human transmission

  3. How painful are the deaths of those who have died? Isn't ebola the worst? How does this compare to that and this to pneumonia so people can better gauge the understanding?

  4. Today when I was waiting in line at the bookstore (in the USA), a Chinese man at the cashier kept coughing without wearing a mask or even covering his mouth. I hope he is not from Wuhan… I detest anyone (many Americans also like to cough in open air) who coughs without a mask. How gross.

  5. another western created bio weapon, used to create fear, test responses and let bill gates get rich off the vaccine. you cant stop viruses, especially since your ears and eyes are conduits to the body, as are your fingers. it will die out just like zika and h1n1 after 6months of people freaking out

  6. Eat & breed pigs? Then live & die like pigs ! Pig's are dirty; they produce, harbour, nurture and transmit viruses and bacteria. Jesus did not eat pigs and original bible banned consumption of swine ! Take heed.

  7. Wuhan Coronavirus is likely another race-targeting bioweapon strategically unleashed throughout China by U.S. military labs

  8. 2nd case is US found in Illinois in a Chicago woman. 63 other possible cases being investigated in 22 other states.

  9. 63 patients in 22 states under investigation due to their symptoms and travel histories as per CDC but officially they are saying only 2 confirmed in the US the WHO still sitting on their hands

  10. "Dont worry they say…..You will Be fine they say"
    I am spending rent money on hookers and cocaine just in case

  11. China is doing a good job in trying to stop the spread…but its apparent that these outbreaks are originating from its animal food warehouses that really suck in terms of sanitation and borders on animal cruelty…unless the SOURCE is overhauled, then we can expect more outbreaks.

  12. But seriously. Chinese people should be aware of this situation and keep themselves clean or something. I had about 10 chinese exchange students in my class and when the professor made us to do self introduction they literally said they like to travel to China and they actually went to China during the winter break. When prof said oh don’t go to Wuhan, they all just laughed as if this was a joke or something. It seemed like they really didn’t care about it at all. I was really terrified to be in that classroom together. So please people from China, please stay inside if you’ve been traveling for the new year and don’t eat wild bats.

  13. we are done on earth
    -new virus
    -trump iran maybe ww3
    -global warming
    -Your mom
    every 100 years a new disaster
    1920 spanish flu
    1820 cholera pandemic
    1720 the great plague
    Thx god.

  14. Mist of the news outlets are concerned with their financial economy effected by news of virus. Therefore all info to stay safe from infection is minimally poor.

  15. One day later it's in two more countries, hundreds more infected, and a higher death toll.

    this is going to get much worse




    STAY AWAY FROM CHINA-TOWN (if one exists in your city)


  17. I mean you gotta control the grossly overpopulated human race somehow. Wars, natural disasters, murders, suicides, etc. aren’t working effectively enough at the speed we’re multiplying.

  18. Not one health care professional can get their story straight…2 hours or many hours of droplets remaining in the air…now, comparing Coronavirus to measles is premature….especially by so called healthcare profs….society has no clue why the coronavirus has been prevalent this year….knock off the panic attack….do real research first….

  19. This maybe Airborne. See videos breaking thru China online via twitter etc of people dropping in the streets being hauled off by military members in Bio Suits. Forget sawdust masks and hand washing. You may need a N5 particle respirator and to get right with Christ as this may become biblical in proportion. It gets worse by the minute in reports, not hours or days.

  20. This Century and the 20th Century, the Flues and Viruses are mostly evolved in China and other Asian Nations…Why?

  21. The snakes came from the poorly disposed of medical waste that is from a lab in Wuhan that studies, you guessed it, SARS & Ebola. The snakes also could have been eaten by bats as well giving Wuhan Chinese people two interactions with the infected.

  22. A vaccine will take 12 months to to be created and tested and then produced on a large enough scale. By then it would have run it's course.

  23. Read a dark scientific paper this week, pointing out that these superviruses are nothing more than the result of dense population combined with thorough vaccination levels, putting regular diseases under evolutionary and mutational stress, so they need to become resistant to the vaccines just to survive. By enormously dense population, these diseases get a boost in mutation from one carrier to the next by means of the unique DNA of each carrier, influencing the ways the virus can adjust. It's accelerated selection for the worst mutation, just like use of antibiotics leads to super microbes and hyper-resistant strains of bacteria. Same goes for foodcrop manipulation yielding resistant weeds. We see this natural mechanism play out each time we momentarily try to outsmart nature. For a while, that works, but it always comes back to haunt us with a vengeance. Yey… Add to that the convenience of ruling by fear, and it closes the circle to why and how this is done. Whether by accident or by devious plan, it doesn't even matter, because the mechanisms are too strong to disregard.

  24. I’m flying overseas tomorrow.
    And I’ll be wearing full scuba diving gear, with oxygen tanks.
    And I refuse to sit next to a Chinese person.
    Not raciest, I just don’t want to die.

  25. I had travelled back from China about a week ago. But honestly I'm starting to feel very congested with a high temp. I rather fight it off my self then be quarantined

  26. I realy realy hope the virus spreads all over the World. .. Humanity. Needs to go Extinct. give the worms a Mighty. Tasty. Feast. yup

  27. Đào Yến Ngọc we will see if you feel the same way in 2 weeks time being optimistic is one thing but if you believe the worldwide medical community or any government agency has a handle on this your sadly mistaken and the ramifications at the political and economic levels can already be felt, this pandemic has been on the worried lips of the finest minds in Epidemiology for many decades this has always been more than a panic invoking “if” this has always been a question of a preparedness driven “when” but no entity regardless of their training and expertise can be prepared for something we simply haven’t seen before and every novel virus is a testament to this very idea The accuracy of computer models predicting everything from pandemics to the weather are only as good as the confirmed intel and currently what we know is changing daily, hourly, we live in a time where communication and transportation has never been faster but it is completely ridiculous to move plane loads of High risk passengers from known epicenters to clean zones around the world and not expect additional infection

  28. eat plants and fruits, cut out fast food, animals, seafood, then watch and see how your positively your body responds.

  29. China has quarantined 35 million people! Two to three times more people than New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago Seattle, Atlanta & Seattle combined! The worst places in America are going to be that tight pack cities particularly the sanctuary cities and tent cities with their drugs and sexual promiscuity. Many of these cities will have to be quarantined now that it's come to the United States. Fortunately because they're based on super highways, so by just
    having the military block a few bridges they can keep them contained with no problems. It's not possible to just walk out of one of a modern Metropolis. John Hopkins Center for Health Security in May simulated a global flu-like outbreak called Clade X and found that 150 million people (including 15 million in the US) would die in the first year alone.

  30. Only by obeying the health laws can stop this viral epidemic. Stop eating meat and unclean fish, seafood. In the book of Leviticus chapter 11 from the Majority Text (King James version bible) we were told not to eat unclean meat including pork, all sea creatures except fish with scales and fins, no bat, no snake, no duck, no dog. Just listen and we live.

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