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In this video, you’ll discover how to balance female hormones naturally. Hi ladies and gentlemen, I’m Doctor Zyrowski
and welcome back to the channel. Now if you’re new to the channel it’s a pleasure to have
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so I can help you excel your health and your life. In this video we’re going to talk
about how to balance female hormones naturally. This is an important topic because many women
suffer with issues in this area. When it comes to PMS, when it comes to menopause, when it
comes to gynecological issues a lot of women are suffering without proper answers and unfortunately
clinically I see a lot of women turn to a lot of over the counter meds in order to actually
help with the pain and help with some of these issues. What they don’t know is that there
are things that they can do and it’s very simple, it’s very natural, and it’s very
healthy. What we’re going to do is talk about in this video how I go about maintaining
and helping women balance their hormones naturally. I’ll talk about how we do that and we’ll
talk about the important herbs that you must use in order to actually get results in this
area. First of all, let’s talk about the applications
of these different herbs and nutrients that we’re going to talk about today. First of
all it’s going to support healthy female cycle. This is very important because a lot
of women just don’t feel well during this time. A lot of women don’t have balanced
cycles, they don’t have balances hormones. We want to make sure that we’re creating
balance across the board. To ease PMS and menopause symptoms. Now this of course is
a big deal because 90% of women suffer from menopausal symptoms. This includes bloating,
this causes pain and discomfort; this is low back pain, this is even when they’re getting
a lot of mood changes. And then even with menopause, there are so many things that come
with that. It can come with depression; it can come with the night sweats, a lot of problems.
So there’s once again a natural way to do this and to go about helping these issues
and we’re going to talk about that. Also how to detoxify estrogen. This is important
as well because when we talk about estrogen in general, we want to make sure we’re getting
that unhealthy estrogen out of our system and then offer cellular antioxidant support
because we always want to support the cell, get those good antioxidants in because they
help create health and balance throughout the body. Let’s talk about chasteberry extract first
because this is a really really powerful nutrient that is first of all popular in Germany. Which
is kind of interesting because first of all it’s always funny when you find things that
work so well and it’s almost unknown in the country you live in but yet in another
country it’s a very common thing that people use in order to help with PMS and menopause.
It’s going to help give PMS relief. Like I said 90% of women have different symptoms
here that just causes their life to not be so great during their cycle and during that
time. It’s going to promote regular cycles so a lot of women have 3 weeks, 6 weeks, 2
weeks, all over the place and it’s just because the way people are living today. Unhealthy
meals, a lot of toxins in their lifestyle, no exercise. Just not doing the right thing
which causes disruption. So creating the regular cycles is very powerful. The next thing is
it’s going to help decrease breast tenderness and also help support healthy attitude through
peri-menopausal transition. Like I said that peri-menopausal transition can be very difficult
for many women. Many times they suffer from depression, lots of mood swings, night sweats,
all types of different symptoms. We want to make sure that we’re getting the proper
support to the body during this time because it’s going to help ease all these different
symptoms so that you’re feeling so much better. And the great news is that you can
do it naturally. Once again these things we’re going to talk about today, the ones that I’ve
already mentioned and the things that I’ll continue to mention, they’ve been around
for hundreds of years and so it’s nothing new. The good news is that we have research
to back it up and that’s very powerful. Black cohosh extract, once again something
that’s been around for a long time traditionally used by American Indians. They found hey,
when women actually utilize this they feel so much better. So it helps decrease menstrual
cramping, helps decrease low back discomfort, it reduces hot flashes, so a lot of these
symptoms that come in with the PMS and also peri-menopausal. Sleep issues, night sweats,
emotional symptoms, and also vaginal dryness. So if we can utilize these herbs to support
all these different symptoms you’re going to feel so much better. There are a lot of
gynecological symptoms once again and there’s actually some natural stuff that you can do
that works so well. I heat it again and again, a lot of women who had no answers and they
start utilizing this information right here and they feel amazing from it.
DIM is another one that’s very powerful. It supports hormone metabolism which is very
important. We want to make sure we’re metabolizing these hormones so that we’re not getting
an over abundance of certain hormones and not others, keeping those ratios balanced.
It boosts immune activity this is important as well. Also support safe estrogen levels.
Now we have to look at these estrogen levels and make sure that we’re metabolizing and
getting that toxic estrogen out of the system. And we also have to look at estrogen and make
sure that we’re not getting too much of it. When we look at women who have a lot of
estrogen dominance it’s related to estrogen dominant cancers and ovarian cancers and all
these different health conditions so we want to make sure that we are not letting that
estrogen spiral out of control. And when I look at these estrogen tests that I do clinically,
I see all the time women just having really high estrogen levels. We’ve got to get those
estrogen levels down in most cases. Promotes restoration of healthy hormone ratios. So
if you’re having sky rocketed estrogen and really low progesterone those are not healthy
hormone ratios. We want to make sure that we’re getting estrogen to progesterone ratios
correct. We want to make sure that everything is balanced out and normal. It’s going to
aid in detoxifications. This is also important as well because when we look at xenoestrogens
which are endocrine disruptors, when those build up in the body that can mimic estrogen,
they can cause a lot of problems. We want to detoxify that out of our system so that
we’re not getting unhealthy levels of estrogen in the body. We want to make sure that we’re
always supporting detox during this whole process.
Now additional support that you can do is first of all B vitamins. They can help with
stress in the body, they can offer a lot of support. And if you’re getting methylated
B vitamins that’s even better because it’s going to offer that methylation support, you’re
offering hormone balance support and you’re offering detox support as well. So methylation
is very powerful during this time. We want to get that inflammation support and then
lots of antioxidents is also going to be great during this time.
So these are some of the top herbs that you can utilize and what I’ll do is put a link
in the description below to the formula that I use clinically that has helped so many women
with all of these issues. Not only does it have all these different herbs and nutrients
in it, it has much more. You can check that out in the description below and of course
all the different research is there and cited as well. So if you want to just use some of
these isolated that’s an option, you can do that. One of the great things is taking
all of these different nutrients and using them synergistically. Putting one of top of
another, stacking them up and then that is how you can get some of the best results when
it comes to balancing female hormones. So check out that link in the description
below, utilize these right here they’re going to offer you so much benefit I promise.
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  1. Gracias Dr Z adoro sus videos 👏👏👏muy buena información 😘…Ud es un excelente Dr y practico mi inglés escuchando 👂 y lo entiendo perfectamente…gracias,gracias,gracias

  2. There is no goddam pill for pcos /fibroids /cyst etc…only hormomes which gives a lot of side effects…i am suffering from these issues from age 12!!
    Why didn't the creator/God not forsee this???…what a pity when i see others suffering too…and yet we have to continue 9 to 5 jobs…have babies…duh!! Men are so lucky and i swear I don't want to be born a female again…never!!
    Very sad to know that one in 10 women suffer from pcos and the medical world still haven't discovered a cure…halp….😭


  4. There are a couple ways I like to use the Female Balance. For woman who are just looking for relief from their cycle, I have them use it just prior to and during this time of the month for relief. If you're trying to balance cycle timing and get relief then I have them use it daily.
    If going through menopause or you are in the perimenopause state, then I also in many case will have it used daily.
    For tougher cases ill use 2-4 capsules daily, normal cases would be 2 capsules daily. Once again, if you have more of an intermittent problem, I would only use it during those periods where you need the support.

  5. Hi Dr. Nick
    Thanks for sharing valuable knowledge. You have advocated for cruciferous vegetable salad in many videos but what about the parasites and worms in them?? Recently it is heard that cabbage can pass on worm to your brain.
    Please reply.

  6. Dr. Nick, you are the real deal!!! The Chasteberry has made my PMS time 10x better. I suffer with extremely heavy bleeding/clotting due to fibroids but when I tell you this supplement has truly blessed my Life!!! Thank you so much for sharing your expertise.

  7. Please don't use the expression "American Indians." Use "Native Americans" instead. Christopher Columbus made the mistake of thinking he'd reached India, but there's absolutely no need to further this error any longer. Thank you for your understanding.

  8. Will this herb regulate the menstrual cycle with someone who in their late 20s and on carnivore diet? Thank you dr

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