How to Blend & Use Aromatherapy Oils : Daytime Cold & Flu Aromatherapy Medicine

Hi! I am Nili Nathan. I have a TV show and
a web site, Great Healing Getaways where I write, research and host on holistic health
from around the world. Today we are talking about aromatherapy and how you can make some
aromatherapy products right in your own home. I want to show you how easy it is to combine
oils. Here is a formula for colds and flu’s to help you during the day. What you want
to do is get a bowl of steaming water and you put two drops of eucalyptus, shake two drops of eucalyptus into the water,
two drops of lavender oil, of course we are using 100% pure essential oil, two drops and the next oil would be 100% pure peppermint
oil. You do not always need a dropper, it just depends how you buy the oil package.
Some you need a dropper. The next one is tea tree oil for which I will use my dropper that
I have labeled just for tea tree; you never want to combine them. One, two and there you
have the four combined oils in the water and stir it with a wooden stick and just let it
fill up the room that you are sleeping in or napping in during the day. Another option
you can do is get one of these diffusers, it is very simple to use. You light a candle
on the bottom part of it, on the top part you put some water and then you will add the
drops just like I did in the water. I will demonstrate with the first one, eucalyptus
oil. Just add the drops right in here. You will add all four drops in the water and the
heat will penetrate and it diffuses the aromas into your home into your indoor area.

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