How to Cure the Common Cold : Herbal Alternatives to Common Cold Medicines

Now, in this clip we are going to go over
some of the herbal alternatives or remedies that we can use to address some of the symptoms
of colds and flus. Now, echinacea is a plant and golden seal is a plant that can help with
some of the symptoms of colds and flus. Echinacea has the properties where it cleans the blood.
Therefore, it detoxifies the blood circulating around the body. It also cleans the blood
that runs through the lymph nodes. So, that would help to circulate the antibodies in
the blood, to fight the infection and it will also help to detox the blood. Golden seal
stimulates the liver. The liver is an organ that clears all toxic waste from the body.
So, golden seal is also a very good herb to take. But, before you ever embark on taking
any herbal remedies for your medical condition, I recommend highly that you actually go and
consult your medical doctor first and get their advice. So, echinacea and golden seal
are some of the herbs that you can buy. Take them very early in your cold and flu symptoms;
like, within a day that you feel that you could be having a cold or flu coming on. And
echinacea, you can get in tea bags or you can get them wild and you know, cut it up
and put it in tea…or hot water and brew it yourself. Here is a picture of an echinacea
plant. And as you can see here, it is grown in the wild. It has these petals and orange
blossom. Like I said, it’s readily available already in the drugstores and health food
stores either in a gel form or in tablets or in powder that you can readily get available.
So, you don’t need to prepare this product for ingestion. So, herbal remedies are also
another way to help you combat or alleviate or reduce some of the symptoms of colds and

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