How to Cure the Common Cold : How to Avoid Nasal Irritation

Now, in this clip, I want to address the issue
of sneezing and running nose. Sometimes when your nose is running and you are blowing your
nose,you are going to get rashes and inflammation around that area of the face. So, a good thing
is to reduce the pain and to lubricate that area is to use some cream and lubricants.
Now, here I have a tub of petroleum jelly which is a really good lubricant. And what
you do is, I recommend that especially for kids who have a very runny nose and are blowing
a lot and sneezing a lot, is to get a q-tip and you dip it into the vaseline. Then you
can just…instead of using…because sometimes it is infected in that area when you are doing
a lot of sneezing. You just then, wipe it over the external surface where it has the
inflammation. Or, if you look at my diagram, you’ll see that if you have a very severe
cold and flu and a lot of nasal, runny, dripping noses, then…(this is a diagram of the nose,
and this is the opening of the nose and the red represents the inflammation). So what
you do is, you can reach inside (of course, you have to be very careful) and you can put
the lubrication on the q-tip inside, around the nostril area. And if you can reach in
a little bit to put it inside, along the surface of the areas where you feel it is inflamed
to help to soothe it and to soothe the pain and the irritation from the runny nose and
the constant blowing and sneezing. So, this is just one way to help you alleviate or reduce
some of the symptoms that you experience when you are having a cold or flu.

2 thoughts on “How to Cure the Common Cold : How to Avoid Nasal Irritation

  1. No you have to rub it on the red parts of the skin on the outside of the nose. When you are constantly blowing your nose the skin gets chapped. Putting the vasline on the dry skin on the outside of the nose will help.

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