How to Cure the Common Cold : Using Sleep Aid Products to Combat Colds

Now in this particular clip, I’m going to
show you some particular products that will help you to sleep and to get a good night’s
sleep. Sometimes some of the symptoms that you get from colds and flu interfere with
your sleep and sleep, obviously, is one of the things that you need to help you get better
in a quicker time. So, readily available products in the pharmacy and local drugstores. Nyquil
is good; here, is what we call Nyquil. You can get this in many kinds of forms (in gels
or tablets); here you have a liquid gel cap. You just swallow this and it has medication
in there to relieve the symptoms of colds and flu but it also will help you to have
a good night’s sleep. It has a little bit of sedative medication in it. There’s another
one called Contac, which is good. This is maximum strength. It also will help alleviate
some of the symptoms (the congestion, the nasal irritation, pain and the fever). This
is good and it’s drowsy, so only take this medication when you are ready to go to bed
and get the non-drowsy type of medication when you need to take it during the daytime
(or particularly if you need to go out and drive or go to work so you don’t feel drowsy
and sedated during the day). And of course, for children, make sure you get products with
the right dosage for pediatric population for children. So, here’s Tylenol and Pedia
Care which also help the children relieve some of their symptoms such as fevers. Vapor
rub is actually a very good menthol and you can rub it on the child’s chest or under this
area under your nose so that you can breathe in the vapor menthol. That will help to relax
you as well as help for you to breathe easier when you have your congestion.

6 thoughts on “How to Cure the Common Cold : Using Sleep Aid Products to Combat Colds

  1. I always use Nyquil. I will take it whenever I feel like im about to get sick, which isnt often. I cant afford to get sick, because I have to go to work regardless. So I try to knock it out before it becomes full blown. Therefore, I will take it in the evening for a few nights and fall to sleep early, normally waking up the next moring feeling better. My idea is to turn the heat on and wrap yourself up with lots of blankets so you can sweat the fever out while the medication does its thing.

  2. why aren't you spose to inhale the vicks…….I think I heard something?? about this, but can't remember what it was, or why? It does help me breathe easier.

  3. Vitamin d cured my flu in a matter of hours. make sure you have enough of the cofactors so you don't get a headache (Magnesium) Your body used vitamin d to make antimicrobial peptides. Low vitamin d levels are a major factor in most chronic illnesses. The flu is a seasonal disease caused by low levels of hydroxyvitamin d.

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