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Imagine! It is the 1600s. and you’ve just discovered some organs that you’ve been granted the opportunity to name! You found an organ in front of the neck and you named it “thyroid”! “Hmm. I will name you “thyroid!”” Found a muscle that helps flex the tiny finger “Hmm.. I will name you flexor digiti mini” Where the large intestines meet the small intestines, you found a small worm like thing stuck and you named it…”small worm-like thing stuck” Vermiform Appendix, or in short, appendix has the literal meaning of something small stuck It is found on the right lower side of the abdomen where the large intestines meet with the small intestines Scientifically we still don’t know what appendix does but some people believe it is used to store healthy bacteria. Just like a cat, if it isn’t bothered, appendix won’t even let you know it exists. But if any fecal matter or something else gets stuck in it, it causes inflammation of the appendix which we call appendicitis! Remember? A clinic visit is sufficient to diagnose appendicitis but a CT scan is a good confirmation test! The symptoms of appendicitis include pain in the right lower abdomen as well as nausea, vomiting, high grade fever and anorexia. If anyone is experiencing these symptoms, it’s possible that it is appendicitis BUT! It can also be due to other diseases that we label “differential diagnosis” or example Urinary stones Ectopic pregnancy; incorrect implantation of embryo Ovarian cyst; cysts in the ovaries and ovarian torsion; the rotation of an ovary around its axis Because these differential diagnoses have similar symptoms which is why CT scan is an important test to confirm. Appendicitis is best treated with surgery called appendectomy and if it is not done at the right time, complications can arise that include appendiceal perforation; bursting of appendix and appendiceal abscess; formation of pus around the appendix Appendiceal perforation can be a fatal complication. Remember! If you feel pain in the right lower part of the abdomen experience high grade fever with nausea and vomiting then this can be due to appendicitis and please visit a doctor in the emergency immediately! so that you can avoid complications! And if after all of this, you still have questions in your mind, then… that’s a good sign! Take care of yourself and your loved ones, my name is Asad Khan and this is Daktar Saab!

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