HOW TO EAT RAW GARLIC for its MEDICINAL BENEFITS (Cold & Flu Remedy, Anti Cancer)

hi food is medicine and food to have its
medical benefits on the body we need to make sure they’re consuming it in the
right amounts secondly also be discussing the
healthiest way of consuming these foods from the bioavailability point of view
which means we need to make sure that the body is effectively digesting and
absorbing the nutrients from East foods rather than just excluding these
nutrients and last but not least also be discussing the best time to consume
these foods to have its best effect so in this video I’ll be discussing the
best way to consume raw garlic for its medical benefits so let’s get southern you need a minimum
of five grams of for all garlic which is the therapeutic goes to have any kind of
medicine effect on the body in this case it’s about three to five
three or four moderately sized garlic cloves crush the garlic as fine as you can making a sort of paste and then add some
warm water mix it and let it sit for at least 30 minutes after 30 minutes you
don’t really need to choose the pieces of garlic you can just swallow them and
then drink up this liquid you need to consume this first thing in the morning
on empty stomach so the body can effectively digest and absorb the
nutrients from this raw garlic solution for its medicinal benefits garlic contains this very important
sulfury compound called allicin research indicates if you crush garlic and let it
sit for at least 30 minutes the exposure to a makes the medicine
healing properties of Alison a lot more important and powerful as compared to
immediate consumption we let the crushed garlic in motion warm
water for 30 minutes so that minerals like zinc and sulfur can blend well with
the liquid for better digestion and absorption this improves its bioavailability as
compared to blame chewing and swallowing yeah yeah yeah mmm mmm yeah

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