How to Get Out of Gym Class

How to Get out Of Gym Class. Not in the mood to do jumping jacks in your
hideous gym uniform? There are ways to sit it out. You will need Creativity and a straight face. Step 1. Tell the teacher you left your gym clothes
at home, and pray some suck-up in the class doesn’t offer you a spare. Step 2. Fake an ankle sprain. After all, if you can’t walk, you can’t
run, and you certainly can’t play dodge ball. Limp into gym class with a tall tale about
how you just twisted your ankle in the stairwell. Make sure you’re consistent with your limping
— you don’t want to be caught dragging your right leg after you’ve been hobbling
with your left. A bandage will help you remember exactly where
you’re hurting. Step 3. First, dust your face with white powder so
you look ghostly pale. Then, ask to speak to the gym teacher. Get right in her face, fake some dry heaves,
and run for the bathroom. Trust us, no one will go looking for you. Step 4. Sorry boys, this one only works for those
with uteruses: Tell your instructor that you have unbearable cramps, or better still, a
heavy flow. Be graphic about how many tampons you’ve
gone through, and continue adding gross details until she begs you to go. If you have a female gym teacher, she may
give you some bunk about how exercise is good for you during your period. Respond by doubling over in pain from your
debilitating cramps. Step 5. The foolproof way of getting out of gym class? Stay home “sick” that day and avoid all
your classes. Did you know Only 17 percent of middle schools
and two percent of high schools require daily gym classes for their students.

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  1. how to get out of gym class:
    1) go to gym
    2) once your there ask to goto the toilet
    3) run away and don't go back
    4) if they ask where you where say you got kidnapped
    did you know that howcast is more amusing than helpful?

  2. My gym teacher is a girl and if ur even 1 minute late she'll yell at u in front of everyone and tell you how ashamed u should be

  3. Umm just because I have a vagina doesn't make me a whore it's like saying guys are dicks because they have penises.

  4. i got out of gym class just for never dressing out for the whole year until coach asked me why i dnt and i said cuz i dnt want to.

  5. WAIT. Did I seriously just hear that excercise is good for girls on their period? What the fuck.

  6. Colour is the English version. COLOR is the American version since for some reason you decided to change it.

  7. At my school, they don't care if you forgot it or not, if you forget, then it affects your grade.

  8. My obese cousin managed to make the best pole dancer there is in my town fall for him as he used the Cupid Love System (Google it). I wish I'd been joyful for him but I want such a pretty woman to fall for me. I'm seriously jealous. Does that make me a horrible individual?

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  10. I once had a gym teacher call me a communist when I was in 7th grade because I didn't know how to play baseball…

  11. I want to get out of the pacer test, it is in a week, if anyone has any suggestions on how to do so please tell me

  12. My gym clothes are red and black and my gym teacher mr neves we swim a lot in PE we do not run often I am in high school Hanford high bullpups

  13. How To Bunk Pe
    1. Leave Your Pe Kit at Home
    hidden from sight

    2.Go In To The Bathroom until The Lesson Is Almost done

    3. Come In At The Last 5 mins
    (I Do It Nobody Cares ) 😂😂

  14. If I said that if I forgot my uniform they would give you the other schools middle uniform which they never wash

  15. Jebuz, I don't know what nowcast is trying to do, encourage you to do something good or how to be lazy, like one moment they are like "how to tell if your kids are doing drugs", and another "how to make a bong out of a plastic bottle.

  16. The thing is is, I really like pe class. What I can't stand is basketball and sadly thats all we do on pe. I don't care about basketball, I don't know how and don't want to play it. It's gotten to a point where I simply refused to ay basketball no matter how much the coach screams at me. Instead of that, I would go to the corner and do excercises on my own.

  17. I hate my gym teacher.
    1. She still makes you play if you have period cramps
    2. She still makes you play if your sick or injured
    3. She makes us do push ups and sit-ups when we're late or talking alot
    4. She's SUPER strict on what you wear for gym ( especially hard on girls obviously ugh)
    5. The only sport we play is dodgeball. For 9 months we basically only played dodgeball.
    6. She’s lazy, she doesn’t want to teach us anything.

  18. 1. Stay in the locker room till everyone leaves.
    2. Run To the bathroom.
    3. Stay there till gym ends.
    4. When gym ends, wait till everyone is done changing.
    5. Then come out.
    6. Go to your next class then say if anyone asks, “ I was in the office”.

  19. I have done all of these tips so I could skip gym, but my gym teachers don't care. Time to deliberately break my leg 😀

  20. i live in australia and we do 5/6 sport as well as gym class so we have 2 days of sports a week. i don't mind normal sport but i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee 5/6 sport it sucks

  21. i almost passed out because the teacher made us run a second time and i have asthma (he makes us keep our inhalers on his table and you can’t stop running or else you have to do it again SEPERATELY) and i literally can’t do it anymore it causes me so much pain

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