all right it’s wintertime and the time when people get sick this movie is for you sickos all right as you know by now this is the only way you’re going to get better fast is to stop doing what’s causing the problem in the first place or what’s feeding the problem what feeds bacteria viruses in sickness sugar it feeds it it’s like rocket fuel it’s what they put in a lab to grow bacteria like crazy in petri dishes of sugar water okay so any source of sugar that just doesn’t mean refined sugar it means fruit juice stop with the orange juice if you think that orange is going to make you better it makes you worse because it’s concentrated sugar eat oranges blend oranges but don’t juice them when you’re getting sick just cut out any kind of things that turn into sugar in your body bread and bread is not just the source of sugar it feeds yeast it’s got I don’t want to just stop the food all right matter of fact do it animals do you know what animals do to get better when they get sick they go in a corner and they stay there for two days they don’t eat the only thing they do is crawl over and get some water and go back it’s called fasting even animals know to do that naturally they’re smarter than you they know what to do so do it just pass stop eating so the first step is don’t eat anything or only eat good stuff and I suggest green things bitter things green juices stuff like that and to try to avoid anything that’s in the sweet world fruits okay because whole fruits okay because it has fiber but I say my opinion if you really really want to get better just stick with the greens at least for the period where you trying to get better okay step one healthy food or no food step two get an enema bag there is no skipping this if you want to get healthy fast like right now this moment today you need an embattled tiny disposable kind I mean the kind of the half gallon of water that you stick in your butt and it gets you healthy and clean do an animal there’s no excuses if you want to get better you need an enema bag that’s number two number three go to bed early I mean eight o’clock or nine o’clock and I mean sleep no kind of distractions no radio no TV no nothing no light coming through the window it needs to be black it needs to be silent and you need to be sleeping and the help you sleep you need to not eat for two to three hours before you go to bed because I Jess tchen takes up 70% of your body’s energy takes about 45 hours so if you are eating before you go to bed your not really sleeping and you’re not healing that much okay that’s the next one the next one probiotics you need probiotics to be healthy it’s 70% of your immune system so take probiotics culture fermented food is good you can actually get probiotics from just eating dirty food just out of the ground or what but that’s what you do in nature but we don’t do that right we don’t pie pick things off a bush or a tree right of the ground that still has bacteria on it that’s the best probiotics you can get but anyway do what you can and get probiotics into your system all right Reed heal yourself 101 this is really important it just walks you through everything read it and follow it as a matter of fact if you read heal yourself 101 and you keep all open the the other thing is a thing called plague buster you always say well tell me what the tick tell me what to take well if you are going to take something to get yourself better do so put some apple cider vinegar in water and drink it like a couple teaspoons in a half a glass of water or a couple of tablespoons if you can hand it in a glass of water three times a day and you can if you have my parasite pills take that because that kills things take it ten hours apart from the probiotics of course liver formula helps clean out your liver but the main thing is the apple cider vinegar more than anything and there’s also a plague Buster potion that I have I’m gonna make a video on that next and I’ll show you how to make your own homemade plague Buster potion it will kill anything that goes through your body anything that’s coming up the Nexxus that’s the next video so you got that stop eating the bad food or stop eating at all do an enema or two or three take probiotics go to bed early play buster drink read heal yourself 101 it’s a free download come on guys there’s no excuse you can be better within a day or two seriously back on your feet dancing matter of fact if you read and follow heal yourself 101 and you stick to it indefinitely you might never get sick again ever you won’t even know what it’s like I’ve forgotten what it’s like it’s been decades since I’ve been really sick I mean it’s you shouldn’t be saying and if you’re right on the edge if you’re these people that’s like something coming on and right on the edge you’re not healthy you should never be right on the edge you should be dancing full of life the whole time always that’s what life is supposed to like so the more you follow nature the less cooked food you have less crap things maybe you know they didn’t make ovens in nature the Sun is the only oven we have and it doesn’t every heat anything over a hundred and eighteen degrees on the hottest day in the hottest place I’m in the desert here okay if a fruit drops to the ground in the Sun bakes it bakes it bakes it it never gets over 110-115 if you were to take that dried fruit plant on the ground it was still growing with tree because there is life in that if you took that same plant put in an oven and baked it at 350 degrees where you would be dead heat kills life all right so the only oven that you should be using is the same kind of heat that the Sun uses and that doesn’t get over 118 Fahrenheit 45 Celsius take a hint from nature if you want to be healthy all right that’s my lecturing for today those you people who don’t get sick in the wintertime oh and by the way don’t blame cold cold is not a reason for getting sick matter of fact it’s a therapy for getting better look up this guy wim HOF wim HOF he swims in ice water he swims through the glaciers he rolls around naked in the snow which is what a lot of people in Russia and northern Europe do to get to stay healthy to have their immune system stay strong cold is actually an immunity therapy to get you healthy he is a good therapy it bakes bad stuff out of you temperature is not a reason for getting sick all right the reason people get sick no wintertime is because they’re cold and they cuddle up in there in there and they spend the bulk in the couch watching TV and they eat comfort food it’s the comfort food the baked warm food they want that warm food to stay warm gives us that comforting feeling well that comforting feeling is making them sick raw food by the way doesn’t mean cold doesn’t mean cold celery sticks and stuff put in a dehydrator heated at 118 degrees that’s hotter than a hot tub the tight raw food does not mean cold food it can be warm you can have soup anything you can have warm food just don’t heat it over 180 45,000 that’s how you should stay healthy get healthy be healthy if you’re sick download the getting sick ebook at Markus ebooks calm it’ll tell you the difference between viruses and bacteria why antibiotics are useless what causes cold flu fever sore throat laryngitis staff strap mrs a what herbs to take how to make the plague buster potion and everything you need to do to get better fast listen to Markus and it’s really not that hard you just need to have the willpower to do it and I’m just trying to remind you something you already know this isn’t rocket science and don’t skip the enema part if you want to get healthy fast do it okay alright you’re welcome stay healthy by

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