How to Get Rid of a Cold: Common Cold Remedies & Treatment | Vicks

[MUSIC PLAYING] Although there’s no cure
for the common cold, [ACHOO] there are ways to relieve symptoms
and help you power through your day. First, get extra rest. Sleep is essential for
your body to heal and it helps energize you for the next day. A humidifier or nasal decongestant can
help you breathe better as you sleep. Next, drink plenty of fluids. Warm drinks stimulate salivation
to help soothe your cough and lubricate your sore throat. Daily meditation can ease
stress, improve your mood, and maintain your energy. Just close your eyes and focus on
your breathing for a few minutes. Over-the-counter medications
can ease your symptoms, too. At night, a cold and flu medication with
a cough suppressant helps you sleep. Nyquil Severe relieves
multiple symptoms at once. Dayquil Severe is a great
non-drowsy choice for the daytime. Check out our other videos. Subscribe to our channel to
find out when we add new ones. And share your tips for fighting
cold symptoms in the comments.

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