How to get rid of rotten egg taste burps (sulfur burps)

Hey guys, it’s Andrew Esquivel here and if
you found this video you’re here for one reason and that reason it to figure out how to get
rid of those disgusting, rotten egg-like tasting burps. Also known as – sulfur burps. Now,
as a disclaimer, I want to say that before you do anything related to what I’m about
to tell you, consult a doctor, or pharmacist, or any medical professional that could help
you with this particular situation. Now, a very common reason for the sulfur burps is
from a germ/bacteria, whatever it might be, called Helicobacter pylori, or H pylori for
short. It’s in your stomach and its what going to be causing this issue. Now, the simple
way or quick way to get rid of it is actually going to be Pepto Bismal Max Strength (oddly
enough). The ingredients in here actually kill the bacteria and if you kill the bacteria
the taste from those burps goes away pretty quickly. We’re talking maybe between 1-2 hours
you should notice a dramatic difference. So, long story, short, if you’re having the sulfur
burps, take some Pepto Max Strength and also follow the recommended guide for taking any
sort of medicine and make sure before you take it that it is in fact safe for you to
take it. In my experience, I just had this issue and i just grid this after doing some
research on the internet and it worked so I thought i would pass along the information
to you and hopefully this will help. If it doesn’t, I read that sometimes milk of magnesia
can help as well. I’ve also read that drinking a lot of water along with the Pepto Bismal.
Other than that, good look and I hope you can figure this out a little faster than I
did. So, thanks for watching guys. Hope it helped.

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  1. h pylori causes ulcers. im pretty sure that pepto bismol doesn't kill any bacteria, it just keeps the acid in your body at the proper pH levels long enough for the bacteria to die off naturally. suspension of magnesium is the chemical that'll get your levels back correctly.

  2. We'll see how this goes. Had nasty eggy burps all afternoon and I took some pepto max about 10 minutes ago. I did burp a couple times on the trip back and it seems to have muffled the stench a bit at least.

  3. whenever i get these i end up throwing up or sitting next to the toilet for 2 ways to get rid of this is using pepto bismol but if you don't have that drink warm water with honey and lemon juice. DON'T DRINK COKE! YOU'LL PUKE

  4. OKAY…I have this kind of symptom but much worse!!
    First…I woke up and started to feel about to burp
    After burping it taste like foul egg or rotten eggs…then it was followed by a Really Loud fart
    I burp a lot and can't hold the taste!!
    And I vomit 4 times and feel better after vomiting 4 times…
    Then it was followed by a unexpected diareah…
    Please help what kind of problem is this!!….

  5. Dude, Thank you so much, I went out got some of that pepto bismol and now I feel normal and not like a living rotten egg burping machine, Thank you so much!!

  6. However if pepto bismol doesn't work then it may be something more serious, like how I went through, may be you could start having an inflamed appendix which will cause abdominal pain.

  7. my Stomach hurts like I'm full but didnt eat I ate a lot of candy for easter and it hurts and mg burps oh god my burps I'm 11 I need help it hurts

  8. Hey, i just wanted to leave a thank-you, I didn't use the max strength I used the tablet versions as they were what i could get to hand. But this seemed to help in combating a lifelong debilitating illness. Shortly after taking the recommended dosage the taste of the burps goes away, and I'm just left with the bloatedness etc. I've noticed it had a funny effect on my stool, turning it black and soft, but that beats the symptoms i was getting by a long shot.
    For the fastest acting effect i also take a dosage of kaolin and morphine mixture… which is mostly just chalk in water.

  9. Oh my gosh thank you! I thought I was the only one who had these. Thank gosh my mom just gave me some Pepto Bismol because I have been sick all day with these and bad stomach pain 🙁

  10. Guys I found a new method that worked for me today every time you feel like burping swallow it for an hour then after doing that for about an hour test it

  11. I always get them. and it's gross/embarrassing when I'm in public. I really hope the pep works. thanks for the help 😩👍

  12. I had sulfer burps once I didn't vomit I wish cause the next day I had diarrhea from SULFER BURPS WHY? Yes thank you I just got pepto 2days ago can you get sulfer burps twice

  13. so I have those burps and I don't have pepto. I haven't had diharea or vomit. I'm terrified that I will get that. I hate puking. please help😭😭😭😭 I've had the burps all dayyyyyy😭😭😭😭😫 I'm freaking out😭

  14. I LOATHE sulfur burps!! My stomach is super sensitive, too. I take 2 spoonfuls of apple cider vinegar and then take pepto bismol max strength. It actually helps me but it varies depending on the person and severity.

  15. I just started getting these, I'm twelve. And my parents won't help me. Where can I get pepto bismol MAX in the UK

  16. Drinking peppermint tea is another one of the best tips on how to get rid of sulfur burps that you should not look down, but consider applying for good. According to a study about amazing benefits of peppermint tea [4], you can read lots of health benefits from the daily intake of peppermint tea, including the bad breath removal resulted from sulfur burps. If you want to make this tip, follow the instructions below:

    Place some peppermint leaves into a cup of boiling water
    Keep boiling it in a few minutes
    Strain this mixture and then consume it 2-3 times per day.

  17. I woke up with a sulfur burp
    And i took some pepto bismol and i felt better after that
    I didint know what kind
    Of burp this was intill i seen this video thanks now ill remember when i ever
    I have this prolblem ill just
    Take some pepto bismol and i thought i was
    The only one that has this
    Prolblem but now i realize
    Every body has this problem

  18. I get these all the time thank you for sharing this to end the horrid sulfur burps😖 i actually have them now so im gonna take some pepto 😟😊👍👌 tastes funny but works wonders but one question does the pill thingy ones work too?

  19. Had this coming and going all my life but always assumed it was just because I was feeling sick. In fact I have these burps right now but don't have the medicine 🙁

  20. Coke and Pepsi trigger this for me (I had to give up carbonated drinks)…manuka honey helps a lot too – Thanks for the video!

  21. Oh my god!! This is so helpful, those burps are so disgusting and terrible. I've been getting those for two days now and they suck! Thanks man, this really helps! 👍

  22. I only get sulfur burps when I have gastroenteritis (food poisoning) from eating raw meat. Pepto helps a bit, but really it just takes lots of liquids to flush my system clean. Lots and lots of Gatorade and lots and lots of diarrhea! It’s a blast!

  23. I didn't know about this intell now, Thanks so much! I usually get it 1-2 times in a month.. And I don't eat eggs the day I have them.

  24. oohh so thats why when i eat chef boyarde spaghetti and meatballs i smell eggs

    doesnt matter if there cooked or not

    never eating chef boyarde ever again

    only beeferoni

  25. I have the problem constantly and I’ve never know the cause. I dread the taste and the feeling I will vomit after burping. It’s terrible! I’m suffering from it right now. This video is true because I believe once I had tried the Pepto Bismol and it worked! Thank you for clarifying

  26. I thought I was dying. No I just need to stop eating before I sleep. Also coke and Pepsi do this. Don’t care because Dr. pepper is a drink only us intellectuals can understand. the complexity of its flavors, too bad you need an IQ of over 600 to drink it

  27. I have been dealing with this for years hell im dealing with it right now. Im boutta go to walgreens and pray to god this works

  28. Guys figured it out me and my friend have it and we have trying to see what it is. For me and him it is eating tortillas and tortilla chips like talkis and all that.

  29. I use to never get it but once Cheerios cereal had that ingredient change back in like 2007 so people who were allergic could now enjoy the cereal it ended up making me have bad sulfur burps. I would have them constantly; multiple times a minute when I ate Cheerios it was so horrible.

  30. I think I got it from eating maruchan noodles for breakfast 😑 I already know I dont feel good when I eat that for breakfast but im stupid,thanks for the tip

  31. I was diagnosed with H-P about six years ago ,and I’ve been having this aggravating sulfur belching for a couple weeks now .. Every time I eat or drink anything it happens . When I was diagnosed with HP I was given a prev-pack Which is Prilosec two anabiotic’s I had to take it for two weeks twice a day it helped w/ the stomach pain but this belching has just started about two weeks ago..
    it’s horrible it smells like rotten eggs.. It’s really embarrassing.. I’ve tried pepto but it only helps for a short period I think ?I should just go to the dr…

  32. This has been happening to me all day now. I went to sleep and woke up with explosive diarrhea been on the toilet for an hour but still have the burps also I've tried puking but just can't

  33. This may sound crazy but I only get them in the winter. I cook at home. I dont smoke or drink. Started for the first time back in 2013 and the last time I had them was in 2016 after I watched this vid. Thanks the Pepto works! 2019 now!

  34. I can tell you how to get rid of this if you have this for over a few days. I did the following remedy but it was horrible and dangerous.



    You will immediately and violently start expelling all the contents of your stomach and I promise you that you immediately regret doing it but once the vomiting is over you will no longer have sulfur burps or breath.




    my method works this video doesn't.

  35. I rarely eat meat and yesterday was Sunday so I decided why not have carne asada chips what the hell lol I fell asleep and I’ve been having this since this morning and I threw up and been having diarrhea all day had to leave work and now it’s late at night and don’t wanna loose my parking spot to get a pepto 😭😭😭

  36. hey guys. had it last night, puked once then took pepto. after a couple hours could go back to bed. you’ll all be alright, I know it sucks.

  37. Pepto bismal takes the silver burps away in 2-3 hours for me. Also drinking a lot of water. And take the Pepto bismal every hour to hours but not more than 4 times a day

  38. Does it get rid of the bloating too that’s with it!? I’m so uncomfortable from the bloating with it as well ugh!

  39. Might sound stupid but hear me out. If your a kid like me or just someone without bismol the best way to get rid of it is by forcing yourself to throw up as soon as the burb comes. It stopped for me anyway

  40. If you don't have Pepto, Gaviscon or Maalox works just as good. I just had them last night, couldn't sleep and I also have a horrible fear of vomiting, so I stayed awake and chugged Gaviscon every h, took slow sips of water and it went away in 4h or so. I am a mess today because of no sleep, still have some stomach gurgling but the burps are gone and I am actually hungry.

    Extra: Last time this happened to me was 2 years ago (it hit me worse than ever before… like a ton of bricks… with fever, sulfur eggs, nausea, and gurgling stomach) and since I was out of Pepto, Gaviscon or Maalox, I made myself one big glass with lukewarm water, lemon juice (I think I also added some grapefruit juice) and a bit of raw honey and sipped it slowly. In total, I drank 3 glasses that day with no food ..and it took longer (around 6-7h). Again, no vomiting or diarrhea.

    Don't eat old pizza guys…it's horrible.

  41. Grilled cheese sandwich:eat me me:ok eats the sandwich and gets egg breath burps me:grabs pepto bismol

  42. I get it when i eat then go to sleep shortly after. Then i wake up and burp thinking its a normal one and thats a mistake

  43. My burps taste like cheerios and anytime they do I know that I am going to vomit 🙁 I've had them all day and I've been constipated and have passed gas a lot (sorry about the tmi) I'm scared whats wrong with me :((

  44. Ok so just my tips/notes from my experience in sulfur burps.
    1) The EXACT moment i burp and i smell/taste that sulfurness, i find my way to a bathroom and force myself to puke. Its gross and usually projectile and kinda violent and burns but it has not ONCE failed me to rid the burps after the "bathroom break" is over, usually takes 5-10 minutes.
    2) I get it 90% of the time when i eat and then sleep too soon.
    3) Doritos (chips mainly) and meats (pizza, subway, burgers) and black sodas seem to be my main triggers for sure.

    idk if this helps but im 21 and had sulfur burps well over 200 times by now.

  45. I’m sure we’ve all had certain foods that are more likely than others to trigger these egg or sulfur or ive even heard them called sewer burps. Each one is appropriate. One food for me is Kellogg’s POPS cereal gives me a mild case of them but the Aldi generic version of POPS send me into the abyss of sulfuric egg fart sewer burps like you wouldn’t believe. I’ve been a huge fan of Aldi in general given their economical pricing and their concepts and business practices are fascinating to observe as well as on extremely helpful on our household budget and allows us to feed the family within a price range we can more easier afford. All that said , I’ve got such a horrendous case of those super foul burps , the ones that can end a marriage or get a person demoted or fired at their job , from the generic Aldi brand of POPS cereal that I’ve nearly swore never to shop there again etc etc. Clearly I was being irrational and it didn’t make practical sense so I certainly didn’t follow through with that but this gives an idea on how bad this stuff is when dealing with it.

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