How To Get Rid Of Strep Throat Without Antibiotics

In this video I’m going to teach you how
to get rid of strep throat without antibiotics. I’m going to share with you many different
remedies to help heal a strep throat condition. The first one is Mullein oil, Mullein oil
is made up of lobelia and Mullein, they’re herbs. The Mullein breaks up congestion; it’s
very efficient, very effective. The lobelia is there to help guide the Mullein where to
go, where it needs to go in your body. So it comes in an oil form and you can rub right
on the throat and it’s really good to do hot and cold on the throat that stimulates
blood flow on the throat and it helps absorb the Mullein and lobelia in. So you, you can
rub just the oil on or you can even use essential oil over that if you would like, or you can
just use the oil on its own so you could use a hot cloth with water on it and then a cold
cloth back and forth and that will help stimulate and heal the throat really quickly.
The other thing is Slippery Elm, if you never heard of that, it comes from tree bark and
you can get it on powder form. It’s hard to mix up the powders, you just want to be
patient and stir, add a little water if you need to and add some cinnamon. Both of those
are really healing for the throat and it helps with the irritation and the pain so you could
stir that up and you could even add a little bit of pure maple syrup or raw honey to make
it taste a little bit better, it really isn’t it bad it’s a really a mild drink and you
can do spoonful’s or you can drink the whole cup and those are very beneficial for your
throat. There’s many different remedies that you
can use and I’m going to give you about 5 or 6 of them in this video. But you don’t
want to use all of them; you don’t need to use all of them. Usually I’ll pick 2
or 3, just depending on what I feel that we need during that time and in that moment,
during that illness. But usually the next time that there’s an illness,
either I’ll use the same ones or I’ll kind of use some different ones. It’s beneficial
to use different remedies and mix it up with different sicknesses or if you have strep
throat again another time in the year to try some of the different. It’s definitely not
harmful and it’s still beneficial to use the same ones, but you will get a really great
benefit with choosing a different remedy. Your body, just like a regular antibiotic, there’s not as much of reaction when you use it too much, and so it’s helpful if you feel like you’re using a remedy and you’re not getting the results that you
got last time, choose some different ones. So, here’s two more remedies on how you
can get rid of strep throat. And you can heal really quickly. It’s amazing how within
one or two days you feel a huge difference. So this first one we’re going to make a
drink it actually really taste good. Because we use a lot of lemon, so you’re going to
put a whole lemon and you want to peel it so that you leave some of the white on because
that’s really good for you. You pour about 3 cups of water and I used distilled water
make sure it’s purified at least you don’t use tap water, of course if you have nothing
else tap water would be good. But if you can you want to use distilled water or purified
and then you want to sweeten it with honey. And you can just use how much you want to
put in. So.., I’m going to do about 2 tablespoons and then we have some cloves of garlic. You
don’t even need to take the peels off, it’s going to blend right in. So, we have the water,
we have a whole lemon, 3 or 4 cloves of garlic, and then some honey.
So it blends up really nice and smooth and pour it in a cup, it really taste like lemonade
but it’s an immune system booster, fights infection and makes you feel better.
Then we have, this is like a cayenne paste that you’re making up really as a replacer
for, it’s a natural antibiotic. So you want cayenne pepper, again garlic and honey. So
you’ll do one or two tablespoons of honey, really you could just, for this serving right
here you do one tablespoon, and then if you’re going to do a large amount, you’ll do like
a fourth a cup or half a cup and do a quite a few cloves of garlic, 3 or 4 or 5 or even
more but at least 2 or 3 for this. We’ll just do one for this small serving right here
and you do want to crush it really fine, so I have it right here in my garlic press. And
then you want to do a fourth a teaspoon to a whole teaspoon of cayenne pepper. And then
I’ve got a spoon right here and stir it up and I’m going to eat it. So, I’m going
to smell like garlic. But what happens is you’ve got the garlic which is a natural
antibiotic and then the honey also boost your immune system very nutritive high in vitamin
C and other vitamins that your body needs as your healing and the honey hold and then
the cayenne it helps the flow of your blood flows. So it carries out the germs and it
brings nutrition to your throat, the nutrients that you need so you’ll heal faster. So
the honey will hold the garlic and the cayenne on the back of your throat. So it can be more
effective, so after you’ll take a bite of this you don’t want to drink for at least
20 minutes so it can sit down on your throat, the cayenne surprisingly will burn it first
and surprisingly it makes you, it numbs the area so it feels better.
So, again my kids take this. They know how fast they makes them feel better, but they’re
jumping up and down usually and ran in the house for about 10 seconds. So, I’m going
to show you how brave an adult can be to take this. My husband isn’t that brave when he
takes this. But he’ll take it when he knows he needs it. So, I actually it taste good,
it reminds me of some candy from Mexico that I’ve had before that taste good, but it’s
getting hot. So here is your garlic lemon juice. It sounds
worst than really is. So, you can always sweeten it more if you feel like it needs more sweetness.
But it really does surprisingly taste pretty good. It’s pretty yummy!
You want to make sure that the honey that you are using is raw honey. So the conventional
honey that you find in a regular grocery store, it has been heated. So most of the nutrients
are gone and we really, that’s why we are using honey it’s because of the nutrient
value. So, make sure that you seek out some raw honey; usually you can find it in many
places locally. Usually in your whole foods any whole food store and if you Google it
at lot of times you can find some people within the neighborhood or within the city that has
bee hives in their backyard, they are selling it. So another way to boost your immune system
and fight the infection naturally but extremely effectively is Golden Seal and Echinacea,
these are two herbal remedies and in combination there extremely powerful. They come in a capsule
or in a liquid form and I recommend taking it every hour or even half hour if someone
is really sick. It can’t hurt you it just boost your body and empowers your body to
fight that infection. So you can take it every hour and then you would take it as, like a
regular antibiotic normally you’re on an antibiotic from your doctor for 10 days, so
even when you feel better, I would recommend continuing to take that at least 3 times a
day. I definitely have to mention the power of
attention and those healing hands and time with someone taking care of you or you taking
care of your child. So if one of your children has strep throat, surely the most powerful
remedy is your time sitting next to them, rubbing their back, rubbing their feet, just
being with them and being by them; holding them. That is very, very powerful in healing.
Several years ago, my husband was training for a full marathon. Well when it came to
the night before, he was really sick. But of course, he’d been training all
this time, so he decided to go ahead and run the marathon anyway. By the time he got
home, he was really sick. He’s throat HURT so bad, he knew he had strep throat. When
gotten bed with a fever and when I went up to check on him, he was saying really, really
weird things and his fever was so bad. So we went to an emergency room and they gave
him some steps to make him feel better, got him in an antibiotic. When we got home, I
decided, hey I’m going to use my remedies that I know about. So, we made the lemon and
garlic and honey drink. I had him take the honey, garlic, cayenne mixture and rub oils
on him, hot and cold cloth and he slept so good through the night. In the morning he
felt so good, he wanted to go to work, the emergency room doctor was so worried about
him that he hadn’t seen a case this bad so he wanted to see him immediately in the
morning. But my husband decided he was getting ready for work, of course I made him stay
home, but these remedies are so fast acting, they build the immune system and they help
you feel better right away. I hope this has helped you recognize the power
of the body and I hope you’ll try it out. Be sure to leave your comments below if you
have some questions and be sure to subscribe.

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  1. Also make sure to do this as soon as you feel pains. Make sure you don't reuse water bottles because you can recontaminate yourself.

    I didn't know the above so now it's too late and have to resort to antibiotics -.-

  2. Thank you so much, I don't like to put unnatural things in my body so antibiotics just freak me out, this really helped thank you 😊

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    What would you suggest as an alternative for honey ? As I am a Vegan.
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  5. Effective natural remedy to treat strept throat…. PENICILLIN. It is natural occuring, as it comes from bread mold.

  6. I didn't see any type of disclaimer, (if missed it I apologize) so as a retired medical professional I felt obligated to respond to this video. While these remedies mentioned are most helpful, and certainly not harmful, if you suspect strep throat, always go to the doctor and get antibiotics if the results are positive — Always, ALWAYS! Strep CAN spread to your heart muscles and CAN kill you if it isn't irradicated properly, EVEN IF you use these remedies and feel better. I am completely in favor of natural medicine whenever possible, but please be aware that if strep does somehow get past these remedies and into your heart muscle, becoming severe, the only cure would be a heart transplant. I highly recommend that strep be taken with the utmost seriousness.

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  8. If you're comfortable with experimenting and can afford to miss a few days of work, then okay. However, you can't rule out antibiotics as the mainstay of treating a bacterial infection. I suspect that the body responding to different herbs is the bacteria's ability to adapt to what it considers a threat. Do make sure you're under the guise of a liscensed medical (or naturopathic) practitioner before trying anything.

  9. First of all I'd like to commend you on your total appearance. You adornment in your dress and grooming is in a dignified manner.  2nd your presentation was spot on, direct, clear and easy to follow. If possible in the first remedy you mentioned a
    moen or moein oil??? if you could spell out some of the less familiar items at least from my point of view it would be VERY
    beneficial.  thanks for your excellent tutorial and helpful info.  I took notes and will definitely use and share.  Kind regards, Rob

  10. I can see an ulcer (the size of a pea) at the back right side of my mouth (not too far from the tonsils and hiding just behind the tongue). It is a bit red around the area and it feels like my ears hurt because of it. It's lasted 11 days now. Is it a strep throat? or something else? I've been gargling salt water which helps with the pain a bit.

  11. The garlic honey and pepper helped alot !! one day and i barely feel it gonna do it for ne more day to just be sure !!!

  12. make warm honey water. 1-2 tsp honey in a normal cup with hot water, then steer it around with a spoon, and after that take some cayennepepper and himalaya salt.

  13. and as a parting gift you're left with rheumatic fever and heart damage, yaahh!! use PENICILLIAN, STUPID. or a derivative of same, duh. go to the doctor!!!!

  14. I have the worst pain even where i couldn't even swallow my own spit. I carried around a bottle to spit in like I chew Tobacco . I tried both methods and instantly started to feel better but make sure you do see a dr. so they can prescribe those antibiotics. This stuff taste horrible tho but its definitely worth it.

  15. To all the people making rude comments about how we need to take penicillin and ignore all the herbal remedies they forget that some of us can't take things like Penicillin. I have two classes of antibiotics that I can't take which means that I only go to the doctor if I basically have bronchitis or something equally bad because neither of us are willing for me to take antibiotics and become allergic to something else for something as minor as strep. And I know it can affect your heart but you make your choices.

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  18. Lemon to cure a sore throat lol? Every-time I eat a food with lemon in it or drink a lemon juice, I get sore throat. Cant imagine even to take lemon again once throat is already swelling hehe

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  20. (So Happy)
    I saw the cayenne honey and garlic on another vid and I was like uhh maybe there's something else I can do.. then I saw this one saying the same thing… I'd been doing warm salt water before hand.. I woke up with my throat swollen so bad it was work to breath… I did the paste and I am swallowing with very little pain the swelling is down considerably and I feel SO much better! I really would do this again.. the paste truly isn't that bad.. I'm honesty craving it it tastes good to me… already made another small batch. Thank You<<<

  21. So have you actually had strep and tried this yourself,and if so how long before you got rid of your strep or even got good relief?
    Ive tried many of these natural remedies but sorry after loosing my voice completely for three days and not sleeping for three days I decided screw this natural s— I had absolutely no relief.

  22. Thank u so much my sister for these remedies. You are doing amazing at NATURALLY HEALING THE PEOPLE!! we HAVE to get familiar with the aHerbs our WONDERFUL FATHER PUT HERE ON EARTH FOR US….NOT NOT PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS!!

  23. I’ve never posted on a YouTube video but I felt very strongly about commenting on this. There is a difference between helping soothe strep symptoms and actually curing strep throat. The only way to treat an actual Streptococcus A infection is with antibiotics. It requires substances (aka antibiotics) that cause disruption in the bacterial cell wall synthesis and intracellular metabolism, causing them to die or rendering them unable to multiply. Also, all the types of strep infections actually resolve on their own within approx 5 days so people may think these homeopathic remedies are working but the infection has just run it’s course. The reason why you have to treat Strep A (aka strep throat), opposed to other types of strep, is because of the possibility of many serious sequelae that may occur for the rest of your life or later in life such as, but not limited to, serious kidney, rheumatological, dermatological, and cardiac disease. Ever heard of Rheumatic fever? It’s caused by this same organism and can cause rheumatic heart disease if untreated. Finally, you mention Cayenne Pepper as being naturally antibacterial. It can be, yes. But each species of bacteria is susceptible to only certain antibiotics. “Antibiotics” is not a general term that refers to all drugs in this class that are effective universally against all bacterias. PS, cold does not draw blood to the throat, warmth does that. When opinions are involved, I don’t correct people, but this is not an opinion, it’s a fact. This video should be taken down. It is truly irresponsible to post completely misinformed medical advice like this to the public, especially regarding an infection that commonly inflicts children.

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  33. Thank you. So much. I took some chicken noodle soup put as much garlic powder as I could handle . The added some cayenne and ate it the I did the honey garlic and cayenne . Numbed my throat. I haven't had any relief till now . Thank you so much.

  34. I tried the garlic lemonade 👌😊im on my 3rd day and slowly but surely my swelling is going down. Ive been drinking it throughout the day everyday and my strep throat was really bad, i could even sleep because of the pain. I didnt eat anything the first two days because it was so painful. (Also to numb some of the pain maybe 3 times a day ive been garlaling water pink Himalayan salt and a little bit of apple cider vinegar which has a horrible taste but it works

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