How To Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast at Home, Get Rid of Stretch Marks Fast Home Remedies

hello everyone you are welcome back to
today’s video, today’s video is how to get rid of stretch mark, this is a
stretch mark removal at home, how to get rid of your stretch mark at home using
home remedy, I’m using the simplest, the most easiest, the most affordable
ingredients that you can find in your kitchen or very close to your house and this remedy is 10 days and I’m going to show you the
step-by-step way or the best way for you to use it, keep watching the first item I need to prepare is this stretch mark remedy is onion I’ll peel the onion and slice it into pieces, Onion Creams Helps Stretch Marks Look, Feel Better, Onions contain flavonoid and quercetin that are known as strong antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agent. five clove of garlic The Allicin compound in garlic helps to stimulate blood circulation which in turn enhances blood flow by helping the body to flush out toxins from the body and battle against cellulite and stretch mark by increasing the skin elasticity hence improve the appearance of the affected skin with clean and glowing skin the next thing I’ll add is lemon I’m using the peel and the lemon juice so keep this and this is it, I’ll grab my
blender and transfer this to the blender so I’ll add 2 cup of water, this is 250
ml of water, 1 and this is 2 I’ll cover this and blend it I’ll see how this look like. did you see how this is, so I’ll grab a
bowl and strain it, so you keep this aside the next thing you add is a tablespoon of
toothpaste mix all the ingredient properly grab your empty container and then you transfer. Add a tablespoon of olive oil mix it properly mask this on your stretch mark and leave it like this leave for 10 minutes after 10 minutes you spray this on your skin spray it every time at least five times a day use this remedy for 10 days let’s assume that this is ten minutes, I’ll remove it and then you spray your stretch marks. allow this dry on the skin for 4 hours after 10 minutes you use this water
to spray it and then leave it to dry on your skin for 3 to 4 hours for you to
see results, you have to do this for 10 days every day, once a day you must this
and then you spread this 5 times a day friend you will see results in no
time, this is another effective way you can eliminate those lines of stretch,
I’ll you again in my next video

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