How to Give a Foot Massage : Foot Massage for Stomach Problems

So the stomach and bladder are all along this
area. The bladder is here, the small intestines and anything having to do with the stomach
is all along here. So a good thing to do is kind of worm it and move your thumb inwards
and move everything out, all the
way to the heart and then just relax. Go right above the heel and move it out. Then for the
heel you are going to do the same thing. Just go across the heel and worm it and that’s the bladder and the stomach, the
best way to get to it when you’re doing reflexology.

10 thoughts on “How to Give a Foot Massage : Foot Massage for Stomach Problems

  1. @millennialgirl How exactly do you know it's theoretical? People have been doing this for centuries and it's obviously been working if people still do it today. It's kind of like how sea bands can stop a person from getting motion sick by using your pressure points.

  2. @secretAR984 People had been bleeding people for centuries, that doesn't prove anything… The fact is there's no proof that refloxology is anything but relaxing. Not that relaxing people doesn't have profound medical ramifications..

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