How To Give Yourself A Fever | Overnight Method

Greetings boys and girls. In this video, we’re going to be learning
how to give yourself a fever, because a self induced fever is just such a great idea and
you should definitely be attempting it. “Queries of the Interweb.” Having a fever means you have a raised body
temperature. So if you want to give yourself a fever, you
want to raise the temperature of your body. So let’s talk about that. You can raise the temperature of your body
using medical assistance. But let’s be honest, most of you watching
this video are probably teenagers trying to skip school. So the chances of you being able to afford
medical assistance is zero and let’s face it, your mothers’ not going to pay for medical
assistance for you to get a fever so you can fake your own sickness. Let’s stay away from the medically assisted
methods. So here’s how we’re going to raise our body
temperature. We’re going to do it together. Here’s what you’re going to do. You are going to run yourself a hot bath. Make that bath as hot as you can. Whatever your threshold for heat is… find
out what will burn you, and then just back it up a little bit. You’re going to get in that bath for about
half an hour okay. It’s going to be a little bit uncomfortable,
but it’s not going to do any physical damage to you; or at least it shouldn’t if you don’t
make it that hot. So after you’ve been soaking in the hot bath
for about half an hour, you’re going to get out. The bath is going to keep your temperature
up for about 6 to 8 hours, but there’s somethings you can do to prolong that. You’re about to go to bed, put a ton of blankets
on your bed okay, more blankets that you need. Cover yourself, keep yourself heated. Now I’m not a hundred percent sure if this
works but a lot of people on the internet are saying that if you take onions and put
them under your armpits as you sleep, that’s going to help elevate the temperature as well. It’s not scientifically proven, but a lot
of people say it works so why not give it a shot. So you’ve taken a hot bath, you’ve covered
yourself with a ton of blankets and now you’re in bed with onions under your armpits. I’m sure your parents would be very proud
of you right now. This next step is probably going to help a
lot okay. Don’t sleep. Stay up, do your insta-twitter, your snap-vine… I don’t know whatever the teenagers are doing
these days. Stay up late okay. Sleep deprivation is going to go a long way
towards making you look like you are one sick little kid the next day or sick grown-up if
you’re a grown-up doing this, in which case you need to be ashamed of yourself. By the time the sun comes up, you’re going
to be hot, you’re going to be sleepy and you’re probably going to be regretting every decision
you made up to that point. I told you a self induced fever was a great
idea. There you have it boys and girls. Now you know how to give yourself a fever. Don’t tell your mother about this video and
enjoy your sick day off, and if you have enough energy left in you, go ahead and hit that
subscribe button. Thanks for watching ya’ll, but for real this
is a very bad idea and you shouldn’t be doing it. Peace!

91 thoughts on “How To Give Yourself A Fever | Overnight Method

  1. A Self-Induced fever, is just such a great idea #goodlifechoices. Comment below and let me know if you actually try this! Don't forget to subscribe 🙂

  2. I'm gonna try this:

    Temperature: 37,8
    It's currently 12:10amz and I'm not gonna take a bath but I just got dressed. I'm wearing 3pairs of socks + slippers, a pair of leggings and sweatpants over it, three shirts and a hoodie over it. Also I'm having 4 blankets.
    (If anyone sees this add me on Snapchat I need company during the's ellinorsalang 😗✌🏽

    Temperature: 38,2
    It’s 2:48am and this is so painful I’m sweating so much and I also turned up the temperature in my room so I’m deeeead😐I’m trying to watch YouTube but 10 minutes feels like mf hours (but at least my fever went up love that for me)

    This is the other day and i stayed home from school bc Im sick as fuck, i wasnt sure if this would work or not but it definitely did, it’s night and I’m gonna stay home tmr as well bc my fever hasn’t gone away😗✌🏽

  3. Bruh im lazy to go to school cuz my school is so far away to my house 2 jeep to go there ;-; and now it's 10 54 and I don't have much time lol hahaha lol
    (Im bad at English ok)
    Ikr lol

  4. Ok I tried it in the morning my stomach and head hurt but my mom wanted me to go to school when I got downstairs she gave me medicine and then I threw up so this works!

  5. i’m trying to not go to school bc i forgot to read and do my hw so best of luck to me i’ll edit what happens i’m taking a steaming hot shower in a sec

    edit 1: i already feel a lil sick after the shower 🙂

    edit 2: i’m going to bed with 6 blankets and ima fake sleep and watch my ipad 🙂

  6. Yo I'm scared to do this because if I don't get the fever I will be stuck at school very sleep deprived and feeling like doodoo caca

  7. Okay so I ate raw chicken and I’m doing this wish me look because I have a big fucking math test tomorrow that I didn’t study for I have on four hoodies and a onesie and on top of that I have really heavy blankets on top of me.
    I also have the heat on to highest I’ll update in the morning when my mom wakes me up it’s currently 2:26 in the morning.

    Edit: shit Its 6:46 in the morning and I don’t feel horrible why god whyyyyy.

    Edit: thankfully although I don’t feel like shit I do look like shit like I look really awful thank the heavens my eyes are swollen and my face is red because I forced my self to puke and on top of that I have bags under my eyes so that helped convince my mom to let me not go to school I’m a free woman bitches yeaah you can never catch me suckers ahaha.

    Note: I only recommend you do this in extreme cases such as in my case a big ass test that you didn’t study for or you hate every single person in school and you just want a day off from their bullshit.

  8. dude i ended up in the hospital doing a surgery cuz i got a fucking appendix just from eating spicy food and praying for god to get sick ):

  9. I watch this because i want to skip school

    I just told my mom that i had a fever and she said
    Mom:dont tell me that you sick! I heard you laughing all night last night!
    Me: :')…

  10. wow im going to try this! Its a sunday night as im writing and i really dont want to go to school tomorow. so… i tried to fake my stomach hurts it didn't work but a fever definetly so

  11. I remember when I was in elementary, the nurses didn’t care so they kept giving me ice because I wasn’t “sick.” My teacher started to realize that the nurses weren’t doing anything so she texted my dad and I went home. I had a fever and stayed home for 2 days. Dang you nurses.

  12. So its currently 9:35 and I am gonna try this for school.
    9:37: I am going to watch some youtube until my parents fall asleep.
    11:07: my parents are about to go to bed, just arguing a little
    11:09: I had big brain idea about using a heat pack to make a fever
    11:18: my parents ended up fighting and my dad is sleeping in the living room so it will fail today 😩
    11:48: well things calmed down, I got the heat packs, just waiting for them to heat up.
    8:02: I ended up eating a expired brownie and have food poisoning and a fever UwU

  13. So I saw people doing like follow up reports on how this went and I decided why not do one as well.

    Edit 1: alright so it’s been about 20 minutes into the bath and i am sweating like crazy this is insane

    Edit 2: so I got out of the bath and put on about 3 layers of clothes. Now I just gotta lay back stay up late and watch a couple of movies

  14. Imma try this and this isnt a lie I'm 13 and it's 10:18 PM ill start this process at 11:20 PM wish me luck and ill keep y'all updated 😏

    Edit 1: It's 11:40 and I'm boutta hop in my hot shower hope I don't wake up my mom 😥
    Read More than
    Edit 2: 11:40 arrives it didn't work and my mom woke I'm still in the shower and just told her I threw up all over myself she said okay and left

    Edit 3:I didn't wear the extra clothes and wore 2 heavy blankets cuz I thought I had a better chance of staying home

    Edit 4: I went to bed at 1:00AM

    Edit 5:I wake up….. i feel tired mostly and just a little hot but I think it can still work she keeps waking me up and I say Ion feel good but she don't care……so I had no choice but to beg… worked but she's mad 😎

  15. Yeah, I always stay up late to play games and my mom always comes in my room to check am I sleeping but I'm still playing games, I just hide my phone under my pillow and fake sleeping and after my mom left the room I just continue what I was doing 🙂 but one thing is that I can't play games forever because my mom eventually will come in to sleep because I sleep with mah mom and she see me playing games and the next day when she wake me up I'm just gonna be boneless (¬_¬) and after 15 minutes I still don't wanna wake up but I have no fucking choice but to wake up


    Ye, and I'm trying days to get sick by not drinking water and just pour the water in le drain (¬_¬)

  16. K I wanted to try this because I’ve been sick for the whole long weekend anddddd yeahhh soo

    It’s 8:46 PM and my bath is gonna be boilinnngg hot so Yeahh

    9:50 got out really light headed and dizzy and really nauseous! Put on a thiccccc sweatshirt and sweatpants and put like 5 blankets over me let’s prey well I watch anime

  17. I was sick yesterday and today I felt fine but I don't whant to go to school so I tolled my mom I was still sick, and now I fell really guilty. I have ben sobbing for the last 30mi

  18. ima try this 2day. need to submit mi hw tomorrow which i havent done. teacher gonna take leave on thurs and fri and if i skip tmrw i dont need to submit. will tell later if it worked

  19. Wait is the bath supposed to make your skin turn bright red or does that mean it’s too hot 😂🤦🏼‍♀️

  20. Me : Hey mom cough cough I ain't feeling so good
    Mom: Oh really honey well take the fucking medicine to school with you then

  21. I take a bath for an hour I thought it was Normal and I’m staying up before I seen this video so I think I’m smart

  22. I’m under like 6 huge blankets it’s 3am I took the hottest shower I could and my head is feeling off ha that good?

  23. By the way guys put a hat on while you are in bed I swear it was raise your temperature 🤒 and and forehead will be warm

  24. I wanted to get sick cause I'm mentally and physically tired.. but then I realized, I am a science student *we have a dance presentation this week, we have a research paper to do, we have a grp science project, I remember I have to fulfil my responsibilities..
    It makes me feel tired thinking I have to meet other's expectations as a student, a child, a sister..*

    damn, I'm so tired

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