How to Know if You Have the Flu: Flu Symptoms

NARRATOR: Do you think you
or a family member has the flu? Let’s take a look
at the symptoms. People with the flu often have
some or all of these symptoms — a fever or feeling feverish
or having chills, cough, sore throat, runny or stuffy nose, muscle or body aches,
headaches, feeling fatigued,
being very tired. Some people may also have
vomiting or diarrhea. Remember, you may have some
or all of these symptoms, and these can range from mild
to severe. [ Sighs ] I had a sore throat, fever,
and my body just ached all over. I so rarely get sick,
but I knew I had the flu when I just couldn’t get
out of bed one morning. To reduce my fever,
the doctor said that I could take acetaminophen,
like Tylenol, or ibuprofen, like Motrin. Oh, and another thing
my doctor said is that I should stay home
for at least 24 hours after I was free of fever without having to take
any medicines to actually lower my fever. So even though I’m feeling
a lot better, I’m staying put until that time. You know, I live alone, so I stocked up
as soon as flu season started. I’m glad I did. NARRATOR:
If you think you have the flu, try to limit the number
of outings to when you need to get
medical care or for other necessities. People who are at higher risk
of severe illness from the flu should talk to their doctor about prescription medicines
called antivirals if they get flu symptoms. These drugs are
an important tool against flu. They can make
your illness milder and make you feel better faster. Remember, anyone who has
the flu, drink plenty of liquids,
stay home, and get some rest. And if you are worried
about your illness or are getting worse
instead of better, contact your doctor.

69 thoughts on “How to Know if You Have the Flu: Flu Symptoms

  1. Not everyone with confirmed flu will have a fever. Please visit for more information.

  2. Sorry you’re feeling under the weather. Unfortunately, CDC does not provide individual medical advice. If you have flu-like symptoms, please follow up with your doctor.

  3. I have the flu right now and I'm 12 years old so I didn't know at first since I had never gotten it before but now I know because I went to the doctor and he told me. I have a VERY bad cough. No like bad like coughing for 20 minutes straight without even being able to take a breath. I have a sore throat that started yesterday. I started the cough like 3 days ago. I have to take a lot of medicine. I have a sometimes runny sometimes stuffy nose. I have headaches when I started the coughs. Now its not that bad since its been 3 days. I had a fever of 102 for about a day and a half then it became normal then its starting to go back up. So ya.

  4. I haba da flu! Oh wada I do? Go vomit and poo! All ober you! I haba da flu! My noze full ob goo! I'm stuk in dis bed rite nex to you!

  5. My mother still sent my ass to school with the flu when I was a child.  Now, I have learned to suck it up, drink water, and go to work, with the flu, AND infect my co-workers!

  6. I got a sore throat, shortness of breath, and harsh coughing. It hit me real quik.
    Which leads me to belive i got the flu. Usually when i get a cold it takes a couple of days to settle in fully. What i got this time hit hard and quik!

  7. Flu symptoms are just like Ebola has anyone else noticed this maybe they got 1 disease split into 2 I think we should try and fighting Ebola with flu treatment just a idea.

  8. The symptoms you are describing here are so vague that it could be anything. Almost all colds/viruses even strep throat have 'some or all' of these symptoms you have described either mild to severe. I was hoping for my patients, a better then this from the CDC

  9. Ive been in the bath since 5.30 this morning trying to stop the shivers! Im still goin to work so im keeping my fingers crossed for lata !!!

  10. omg I think I have the flu.
    also,I feel like when I get up and sometimes when walking my head feels like it's wobbling.

  11. If anyone knows what's wrong with me then please tell me im really worried and my parents wont let me go to the doctor. D:

    Everytime I sand up I get really bad headaches, and see black bits at the eage of my vision or white flashes. Also at nights when im about to go to bed my hands get all shaky and I get random rashes on my face or arms for no reason.

    pls help me :c

  12. Thank you. I was worried that what I have was more severe than it actually is. I certainly do have all these symptoms and shall now take the proper actions to fix it.

  13. I tested positive for the flu, despite of receiving the annual flu shot. Don't get complacent
    just because you had the flu shot.

  14. do i have the flu i've been having trouble sleepig like 2.01am to 2.53 am i have a hot, swollen throat every now ad the a bit of aching in my legs and really bad tummy pain

  15. This is a good public service announcement, you would be surprised how uninformed some of us are. Great tips for getting through it.

  16. I've been in bed for two days with the flu. I make myself get out of bed and take a shower and even washed my bedding the second day so I can rehydrate. V8 vegetable juice, tea but nothing acidic like coffee is easier on the belly. Theraflu has worked the best for me and a fan next to the bed with a hydrator running so the air doesn't dry you out helps. I ate a bowl of cereal and that's about it for solid food. Always double check if you're planning on mixing meds just to be safe. Just try to take care of yourself and clean up and brush your teeth trust me it helps. take care and hope this helps you out

  17. Love the way The CDC has this sweet voice lady telling youu all about how you feel w the flu, What they should be saying here is they are people are dying from the Flu! Seek treatment immediately!

  18. i probably don’t have the flu but i have so many of the symptoms. i stayed in bed all day and my head is pounding and my throat is so badddd. my body is just pounding

  19. I should also warn folks that orange juice, apple juice and lemon juice is helpful for aflut or cold. But onve you have drunken half the cart of juice dont drink anymore of it or its contamination, like to say you will make yourself even sicket or back sick, when you were starting to feel better, same with water, rinse out your cup with some soap, and tell others that its your cup so they wont drink out of it.

  20. Soar throat is thr worst. And i was wheezing all day, and night loan, and groaning and moaning.

  21. The doctor gave me the flu. Why should I trust his opinion, The Dentist also gave me the flu.
    I'm trough with doctors.

  22. People throw around the word "flu"the way they use "engineer".YOU'LL know if you ever have the REAL flu!
    I totally get why it kills people! It will be 150F in the house and your still frostbit.Entire rivers can't give you enough water.And you'll be twitching and sweating as if you need an exorcist.In my case this lunacy went on for about 3 days.If I had not been fit and reasonably young I would have died.No exageration! It will kill you!
    Am I worried about flu in the future?I've already been to hell.Never went to a doctor.
    Too sick to get there.What do I believe brought it on?The stress of school,marathoning and money problems-basically I had a sign hanging off me saying "have life,need virus".

  23. Almost out of school this week. I think I had the flu. We also booked a hotel this week. I found out that I missed a ice cream party and a suprise.


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