How To Make A Tummy Roll-On Blend

Today we’re going to make a roll on blend
and we’re going to use it for the digestive system. Which is just the right
thing this is something that you can carry in your pocket or having your
purse ready to go and you need it so whether you have any kind of nausea
stomach woes diarrhea constipation any of those. Here’s the way you can easily
fix that with just having your roll on all ready to go. Okay so before we get
started we want to look at what we have on hand. Make sure we have all the
supplies we need before we start our blend we’re going to use our glass bowl
for blending our essential oils in going to use a nice smoked of frosted glass 10
mil. Now you can use a five mil if you have that this one is a glass bottle
that comes with a little roller ball cap and we’ll be putting that together once
we’re finished with their plan. We’re going to use our stir rod for stirring
your essential oils. We can use a pipette if we want to put our drops in directly or
we can add them using our funnel. I’m going to be using coconut fractionated
old for this because one I love coconut it is so easily absorbed in the skin too. It is fractionated meaning it’s not going to solidify again it’s going to be
great for a carrier in your roller and also it’s got an unlimited shelf life. Which means it’s just going to last forever. So you don’t have to worry about
it going rancid and you can carry it with you everywhere you need. Now we have
our perfume strips so we can use these again as we’ve been using these
throughout the course on the now smell this activities. We’re going to be fanning under our nose to check our fragrance see if we like it. See if we
think it’s a good combination of oils. And don’t forget we’ve got our coffee
beans because we want to use these clear for our palette and make sure you know
you’ve got a good idea what that scent is going to because sometimes you just
know can come a way overloaded with all the fragrances
of your essential oils. So for this blend we’re going to use ginger essential
because this is a great oil for that digestive system and we’re going to use
sweet orange because it’s such a wonderful fragrance. It’s very good for
nausea and any kind of upset stomach and we are also going to be adding
peppermint essential oil. This is another one that’s good for the digestive system. So
we want to make sure that we like this in and then we can put it all together. So let’s go ahead and get started. I’m going to be using ginger as my base note. So we’re going to add three drops of ginger one, two, three, there we go and now we’re going to be adding our peppermint. Which is our middle note we just need to
add a couple drops of this and actually this is such a strong oil. You might
only want to do one drop and try it first before we make that huge
commitment to it. Because you know how it is you can’t take it away once you added
it. And then we’re going to add our orange oil that’s our top note so
let’s go one two three. So we really are about adding six to eight drops for this
10 mil sized bottle. No it doesn’t sound like a lot but really it is it’s a it’s
really enough to make a nice blend. So let’s go ahead and stir these up let’s
check our scent. And as you’re blending you can certainly go back add one more drop
of something but I think this is a really good combination right now as it
is I’m checking to see if that peppermint just enough and to you know
help smooth out the ginger fragrance. Now this bottle we’re going to go ahead and
add actually I might not even need the pipe it I can probably use it right from
the pour spout here and go ahead and fill up air bottle with our carrier first. And leave just enough room there for
your essential oils now this is probably where we can either do the funnel or we
can do the pipe down. So I’m going to go ahead and just get my oils into the
pipette here and add these in. You see how easy this is it really is so simple
and you can do this for so many things not just for digestion but if it’s just
a numerous things. So now I have pieces here that I got to put together this is
a little roller ball, so we need to just pop that right in and then we’re going
to go ahead and pop this in and replace our cap. And now we’re going to shake it
out because we want to make sure these oils mixed up well. Really to create that
perfect synergy blend we want to use two to three oils, you can always add more
but you don’t want it to become too muddy. So think about which oils you like
you might want to go with more of a Roman chamomile of something like that a
little more soothing more gentle fragrance. But I think this is nice and
it looks really beautiful in the bottle. As well now I’m going to want to put a
label on here so I know exactly what it is. Because I don’t want someone to pick
it up and say what is this you know that when they need it. They don’t know what
it is, not sure to use it or not. And we want to go ahead take out our workbook
we want to fill in our therapeutic blend form a recipe report make our notes of
how many drops we use and let’s get that in. And you can email it scan it to me
send it in so we can give you credit for your work so have fun blending and
making lots and lots of little fun roller blends like this.

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