How to Make Rooting Hormone At Home || 3 Ways to Make Natural Rooting Hormone

Hello Friends , I am vijay saini & welcome to you in mammal Bonsai Friends i have many query that how to make root harmon Then we can also grow Cuttings there are many idea to make root harmon but i will share very easy idea with you so we need Honey only so i will tell you how we can use honey as root hormone there are two way to use and we can use both so first i will tell you first way in the first method take two cup of boiled water add 1 teaspoon of honey and mix well let it to cool then store in a container keep away from sunlight keep it as root hormone when you want to grow cuttings keep cuttings in that honey boiled water for 2 to 4 hour after that you can plant your cuttings in the starting i have not root harmon you can see my old videos i have not used root harmon in that time that time i used honey as root hormone i will tell you how first of all prepare cutting remove leaves cut leaves half some friends cut leaves from here do not cut from here because new buds start from here new growth start from here so dont cut from here you can cut half from here like this or cut that leafs stick from here now this part will fall after 2,3 days naturaly Then Start new buds from here so we can cut leaves like this after it i will tell you one more idea that also easy if you have available now cut sharp i am using blade now its done now prepare soil for cutting put coco coir in the bottom for draining water use well drain soil otherwise cutting affected by fungus i am using sand and some perlite and some gravel now put soil and i added cowdung first fill soil then plant cutting i will give you many ideas in my next videos this method works well i have tried this So i share with you i will cut this branch ok we cutted it take honey in bottle cap dip cutting in the honey Honey is antibacterial so it protect from fungas so its good to grow root well mostly cuttings not grow because they affected from fungus now plant it like this now press soil gently so cutting will not move its necessary that don’t move cutting after plant it ad some more soil on top its done now watering use well drain soil if water not drain well then cutting afacted with fungas ok i will tell you 3rd method we need perlite for it first prepare cutting and then take a pot like this and fill with perlite nothing to add only pure perlite because perlite good for grow new roots perlite a little part of Volcano this little part have many air pocket these air pocket store water so its good for rooting so we can grow cutting with pure perlite dip in honey and plant is easy method best season for cutting is early summer that time roots growing fast some cutting we can grow in rainy season if you have good experience then you can grow when you want so now you can also grow cuttings ok friends see you in the next video till then dgood bye thanks

80 thoughts on “How to Make Rooting Hormone At Home || 3 Ways to Make Natural Rooting Hormone

  1. सर् अगर अमरूद की कटिंग लगाऊ तो क्या उस पर अमरूद आ जाएंगे

  2. Can you record an English voice over track for your English channel? You give good information that non Hindi speakers struggle with. Thanks for your time and videos.

  3. VDO could have made within 5 minutes instead of 10 minutes…Pl try to look into the matter in these over busy days no body has much time to watse…..hence 4/5 minute is enough to describe the matter….

  4. Can't wait to try it on my jasmine!! Great video. English translation not even needed I think. does honey also work for other cuttings??

  5. I germinated seeds from a Mexican lime tree. They grew to about 2-3 feet in the past 3 years almost. I don't have blooming or limes, but the leaves smell like limes. I live in Canada, cold winters, and hot summers. Winters i bring the plant inside and summers outside. I have the 3 lime trees in 5 gallon buckets. I pruned the tree once last year when it was around 2 years old and now its full again with branches and leaves. I noticed the leaves curling up, went to lowes and bought plant lights. The leaves are more green and opened up again. I'm writing this in February of 2018. i potted with miracle grow soil and every 3 watering i put a mix of miracle grow powder. Any ideas what to do? or how to make it grow limes? Thanks guys…

  6. Mammal Bonsai
    What is perlite? Pls show us….Is it a chemical or what substance? U answer in hindi no problem.

  7. Vijay sir i have tried your method but my cuttings are eaten by ants… Using honey increases chance of propagation but also increases the ants in the area


  9. यैसा कौनसा महीना मे कर्ने से फाइदा मिलेगा जरा रिप्लाई देते हे ?

  10. Bhai mara ek rose plant ha wo jada gro horaha ha laken flowers nahe a rahaha to ma kya Karu bhai please reply kejea please

  11. हनी से मलबरी कटिंग भी लगा सकते है क्या भैया

  12. Everyone who is asking for it to be done in English, click the cc (subtitles/closed caption) button on the lower right hand side of the video screen and you will be able to read the English translation as he speaks. Thank you so much for this video! The instructions via subtitles were clear and understandable.

  13. Sir meri cutting lga chuki hu bt abhi tak uski roots nhi aai to kya me usko dubara nikal kr rooting Harmon method use kr skti hu? ? Plz rply

  14. Mammal Bonsai first congratulate for YouTube silver play
    1.kaya January may cuttings laga sakte hay?
    2.Cuttings ko kaise soil me lagana aacha hota hay?

  15. Sir as u describes, boiled water and then mix honey for rooting hormone, but this liquid how many days, month or year can use, plz give an idea

  16. Is rooting haromon ko sirf ek baar use kar sakte hai ki harmesa ise use kar sakte hai please reply nice video

  17. Sir hamare ghar par amrud ka ped h pr uske amrud chote hi rhte h or thode din baad tut jaate h , plz koi ilaaz btaaye taaki hum pkke hue amrudo ka aanand le ske🙏

  18. Hamne aam ka paudha lagaya he,9 day before .but naya patta aaya nahi to root hormons use kar sakte he ?

  19. Hi ……can u tell me about about regrowth the trees if acid are injected in their root …..please any one know about this situation? ???

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