How To Make Your Throat Sore | 5 NON-SICKENING METHODS

Hello Boys and Girls. In this video, I’m going to be showing you
how to make your throat sore. Now according to VidIQ’s Keyword Research
Tool, the term, “how to make your throat sore,” is searched about fifteen thousand times per
month in YouTube. You know what that mean? It means that there’s fifteen thousand of
you searching this term every month. You’re part of the problem. Okay. You’re the reason this video is happening. I hope you’re proud of yourself. You know what before I role the logo, let
me just explain something. Why do you actually want to make your throat
sore? Okay, if you’re trying to fake a sore throat,
just say it’s sore. People will believe you. I guess we’re doing this. Role the logo. “Queries of the Interweb.” How’s it going guys, Joel here and I amusingly
answer questions that are searched for every single day on the Interweb. I’m going to be uploading other types of content
too. In fact, my last upload was a comedy sketch
I made, so if you want to make some negative comments about my acting skills, go ahead
and check it out. Let’s talk about how to make your throat sore. Now in this video, I’m not going to be telling
you about ways where you can get an infection or get a virus. Okay, yes. If you get sick for real, like a cold or a
virus or, flu or something, a lot of the times, you’ll get a sore throat along with it. I did make a video on how to give yourself
a cold, okay. So if you want to go that route, feel free
to check out that video. The ways that I’m going to be showing you
to make your throat sore are ways that involve straining your throat. Okay, so you won’t actually be getting sick
for this method, okay. You’ll just be straining your throat. So the first thing you’re going to do, is
you’re going to take a long cylindrical-shaped object, and you’re going to shove it down
your throat. Oh, sorry. Wrong, wrong script. Uh, that’s for a different uh… a different
shoot, um… So the first way you’re going to make your
throat sore is, drinking large gulps of liquid okay. Whenever you drink a liquid, wether it be
water, soda, you know, apple juice, whatever you’re into, make sure the gulps are big alright. It’s going to hurt a little bit when you swallow. Be careful. You don’t want to choke all right? And I definitely don’t recommend doing this
with solid food, but if you take large gulps and swallow them… something like this. As you can see that strains your throat a
little bit. Depending on how much water you can hold in
your stomach will depend on how many times you can do this. The second way to strain your throat to make
it hurt is, scream into a pillow. Now you don’t necessarily have to scream into
a pillow. I guess you could just go outside and scream
into the night, like a wolf, howl at the moon. Screaming into a pillow just ensures that
no one hears you. Unless you live out in the countryside by
yourself and can just scream as loud as you can and no one, I repeat, no one will hear
you scream. If you live in that type of situation, hit
me up. I’d like to come visit you sometime. But obviously this is going to put stress
on your vocal chords and it’s going to make your throat a little sore after a while. A third method for how to make your throat
hurt is cough. Cough until it hurts, okay. Even if you don’t have a real cough, just
cough. However you cough, you know. Kind of like that screaming, this is gonna
put a lot of stress on your throat, a lot of strain. So don’t be afraid to do it until your voice
hurts, well, do be afraid because it’s probably not a good idea. A fourth way to make your throat hurt is to
dry out your throat. Don’t be drinking anything. Dehydration can do a lot of things to you. Dehydration will definitely dry out your throat. Don’t drink water. You maybe want to pop some salt pills or eat
some salt. I don’t know, but dehydration is going to
make your throat hurt. It might also help you lose your voice. I’ve done a video on that too. This fifth and final way I’m going to show
you on how to make your throat sore it, reflux, Acid Reflux okay. Whenever you regurgitate food that’s already
been in your stomach, a little bit of stomach acid comes up as well. That can irritate your throat. What are some foods that can cause heart burn
or acid reflux? Well, alcohol, coffee, biting into a raw-ass
onion. I’ve done it before. It’s not very pleasant. Maybe take a swig of apple cider vinegar? You know, whatever, whatever you want to do
to yourself. You could also take the pukey twins here and
you can finger yourself. Like, make yourself puke. I made a video on that too. You can go check it out. Now that you know how to make your throat
hurt, go ahead and make fun of my acting skills by checking out this video up here. I’ll see you guys in the next video. Peace!

100 thoughts on “How To Make Your Throat Sore | 5 NON-SICKENING METHODS

  1. The reason we don’t say we have a sour throat is bc our parents might give us pills when we don’t need it

  2. The best way to get a sore throat is to fall asleep with your mouth open.It will hurt alot for two days and you will need to drink two gallons of water a day to stop it.

  3. The only reason why I want a sore throat is because I have a cold rn and I am getting my normal voice back when I started liking my scrappy voice ☹️ honestly if you want a sore throat just sleep with your mouth open and have cold air hitting your face and don’t have any blanket on ( that’s what I did) I’m back to my favorite scrappy voice again) ya welcome

  4. Before I burnt my thrift kind of by eating a sausage roll right out of the oven lol I couldn’t speak or eat properly for like 2 weeks

  5. This is what happens when u had a sore throat and u tell ur mum to get soothers and then when she calls you to go get them it already goes 🤣

  6. I do not see why some would want to make there throat sore on purpose because I am sick right now an I have a sore throat and it is terrible I hate it that is why I hate winter

  7. I'm gonna go throw up in a second, do not try all of these at once while you are already sick. Not good idea- AHHHHHH BRB

  8. Perks of being bulimic is having a bloody throat with flem always clogging your throat with a messed up gagging reflex

  9. I uhh ….. I uh I-I screamed into the pillow a-and it was uh uh …..loud and m-my brother asked Wut happened 😬

  10. Says shuff cylinder in throat runs to get get toilet paper roll and shove down say wait nvm chokes l🤣🤣🤣

  11. I already have a sore throat. The sad thing is, my mum and dad say “still going to school” like FINE IF U WANT ME TO GET EVERYONE SICK I WILL

  12. Any one who want to fake sickness to skip school this is want I gather 😉

    1.get onions and cut them and rub them on you arm pits

    2.go to bed and wake up,tell your mom(or dad) you don’t feel good

    3. Fake gaging and run in the bathroom make yourself puke

    4.after you convince your parents your sick go somewhere where your alone and scream into a pillow

    5. More onions and…pretend to rest in a bed or somewhere comfortable to trick your parents

    6.(optional) fake puking for the rest of the day maybe if you actually rested you could play games at night when everyone is sleeping

    7. Your free of school and yeah….

    If anyone found this useful or worked please let me know you don’t have to like just tell me if it worked for you 👍

  13. i watched this because i have an oral group presentation that’s more than 50% of my grade and like i don’t even know what to do.

  14. I have a throat infection from drinking to much water my mum gave me a puffer to make it feel better. And now I have to go to a doctors appointment and it’s going away so..I don’t want to go to the doctors with nothing wrong with me😂

  15. “Don’t Choke alright”

    immideatly chokes and almost dies and has to stay home because she got liquid in her lungs and has to go to the hospital

  16. Well i already have a nasty sore throat but i need it MORE WORSER AND IN COUGHING ALOT (I have it real so it makes me coughs and hurts)

    Edit: 1 month ago was the best time to do it GOOD AND SADLY I DONT HAVE IT but its start to hurt me alittle??


  17. Who else is here because something embarrassing happened at school and don’t want to go to school tommrow

  18. So my throat was hurting one day and it hurt A LOT so my mum made a doctor appointment today for my throat and it just stoped hurting like wtf.

    But this worked very well u saved my life XD

    ty 🤗

  19. I need a day off school I had a fight with my ex best friend the other week and she death stares me during class and I just need a break from it

  20. Hey guys, I’m pretty late, but one way I found to get a sore throat very fast and make it actually hurt, is eat lots of barbecue chips. All the seasoning and the texture of the chips will hurt your throat. I did it and my throat hurts now.

  21. I got my tonsils taken out so when I do get a sore throat I won’t actually die due to chocking on my own saliva

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