Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel.
Today, I am doing a very highly requested video and that is the “Old Wives Tales
Gender Prediction” tests. So I tried doing a set-up. There’s a little bit of a glare. I do apologize. I’m kind of struggle bussing right now but I wanted to get
this video out because we are doing our gender reveal party soon and I wanted to
do these before we find out what we’re having to see how accurate these are. So
I have some tests here on this board that I believe will apply to me because I am 13
weeks pregnant tomorrow and some of the tests that are on the old wives tales
gender prediction tests ask you to like “measure your belly” or to, you know,
distinguish how you’re carrying the baby and I don’t quite have a baby bump just yet so those tests I am NOT doing but However, I am doing some of the most
popular ones and some of the most requested ones from my Instagram. Anyway
let’s get started! The first test that is on the list is the “Chinese Calendar” and this one is a little tricky because we did IVF and we did an embryo
transfer. So the Chinese calendar has you take your age and the month that you
conceived in. Well if you want to get real technical – our embryo was
technically conceived in April, right after my egg retrieval. So I’m entering
in my how old I am which I’m currently 28. It is NOT my birthday yet so it’s 28
when we conceived and if we go by the fertilization date which is April 11th
when I had my egg retrieval, the Chinese calendar says it’s a “Girl”. Now if I were
to do the June embryo transfer date (which I’m not going to count) let’s just see what the
calendar says if we were to calculate June. So when I calculate June it’s
coming up as a “Boy” – but our embryo was not conceived in June so I’m gonna count
this for a “Girl”! We’re doing “Girl”. So the next test is the
baby’s heartbeat. I have had three three ultrasounds so far I actually was at my
OB the other day and I didn’t get an ultrasound then but I did hear the
baby’s heartbeat on the Doppler and consistently it has been in the 160s and 170s. So anything over 140bpm points to a “Girl”. Anything below 140bpm points to a
“Boy”. So for this one it is “Girl”! So the next old wives tale is if you have
severe morning sickness and you’re constantly sick: you’re having a Girl. If
you are not having morning sickness you are having a Boy. Now this one I don’t
know really how to gauge it because I’ve had mild nausea on and off but I’ve
never really said like “oh I’m suffering from morning sickness” so I’m going to
count this one for a “Boy” because I’ve had mild nausea and most of the nausea
was about five to six weeks pregnant and then the last couple weeks I haven’t had any
nausea or sickness so we will count that one for a Boy! Cravings! So they say if you
crave sweet things that you are having a Girl and if you crave more savory and
salty things that you were having a Boy. The other day, and this past week, I have
been craving some sweet things like I really wanted french toast the other day
and ice cream, but lately it has been sour candy! I can’t get enough of sour
candy and I absolutely wrecked my mouth the other day because I just could not
get enough sour candy. Naturally I am NOT a sweet toothed person – I love sour things – so I
did read that if you crave sour things that does count towards a “Boy” so we’ll
mark this as a Boy. So the next test is “your sleeping side”. So if you look at a
bed like you’re standing at the foot of a bed, I sleep on the right side of our bed. I like to face the outside of our bed so that would be my “left” side.
However, since getting pregnant I love sleeping on my right side.
I just can’t get enough of it, it’s just more comfortable to me so we will mark
that for a Girl. if you sleep on your right side it’s a Girl, left side points
to Boy. So the next test is “headaches” and I have not had any headaches at all this
pregnancy maybe one or two here there but nothing
consistent and honestly I attributed it more to
stress rather than pregnancy so I have not had any headaches so this points to
a Girl and if you have more headaches in your pregnancy it points to a “Boy”.
The ring test we will do here in a second. That it was the most requested
test to do on my Instagram, which if you’re not following me please do @RissaMazzuca! and the baking soda test and the urine color I actually did
separately so I will insert the clips here. So I so didn’t get enough pee in
this but this is a very old cup that we don’t use so don’t worry about that but
that looks pretty bright to me. It’s definitely not “dull”. I need to drink more
water apparently. I haven’t eaten our drank anything today. BUT that is the urine. So, sorry if you don’t like the look of urine. You’re supposed to put equal
parts urine to baking soda. So this is another cup we never use except for
like experiments like this so should be good enough amount so we will
see how it reacts! There’s some fizzing. I’ve done this test before with first morning
urine and it didn’t fizz and this is like “afternoon urine” and there’s some
fizzing. It looks like beer. looks like beer. So the urine color looked more
bright and colorful to me rather than dull so we’ll mark that for a Boy! and
the baking soda test fizzed in that video, however I have done it before in
earlier weeks and it did NOT fizz, so not sure how accurate this test is but
because I did it in the video it did fizz so we’ll mark that for a “Boy”! The next
test is “your skin” – if it’s more oily and acne prone then you are having a GIRL.
Because the gender old wives tales points to your beauty being “stolen” from
you from a girl, so if you’re pregnant with baby girl
she is “sucking the beauty from mommy so she can have it for herself” and then if
you have dry skin they say you’re having a Boy! I have always had combo skin, I
have not been breaking out. I do have dry patches on my cheeks
naturally – I don’t know if that’s been enhanced –
but people have said that I have the “pregnancy glow”. I receive comments here
on YouTube, on Instagram, the nurse the other day when I was at my OB’s office
said I had the pregnancy glow, so it’s definitely not oily so I’m going to
mark it for “dry” for a BOY. Now “hair”! Now ,I’ve said it in my previous
pregnancy update videos that my husband has consistently complimented my skin
and my hair that my hair looks great. It definitely doesn’t right now cuz I have a ton of dry shampoo in it but when I first wash it and definitely the first
few weeks of pregnancy my hair was just on fleek oh it was shiny, it had a nice
curl to it on the bottom, like I could just blow dry it and it would look like
I walked out of a salon – it looked amazing! And my hair is still like that. it’s
definitely growing too so that’s a plus but I’m definitely going to say “shiny”
for this test because if you have shiny hair and your hair looks good you’re
having a BOY. if it’s limp and dull you are having a GIRL. So based on other
people’s compliments and how I’ve noticed my hair I’m gonna mark that for
a BOY. “Mood”. They say if you’re moody you are
having a GIRL and if you’ve been more mellow you are having a BOY. Now let’s
get my husband on the phone to see how my moods have been. (Phone rings) (Yellow?) Yellow! I have a
question for you. (ok)
I’m doing the old wives tales gender reveal video and one of the
old wives tales is if you’ve been “moody or mellow” what would you say I’ve been? (You said “Moody or Mellow”)
Have I been more moody or more mellow and chilled out?
(Um I would say you’ve been more “chill”)
Okay, Cool! Love you, Bye!
All right! You heard it – I’ve been mellow so that points to a BOY. Of course I
don’t know how accurate that is because since we did IVF and we did our embryo
transfer we have both been on cloud nine so really have nothing really to be
moody about but that’s still fun to do! it so the next test would be the dreams
and they say if you have dreams about babies you will have the opposite of
what you dream of and I’ve had two dreams that have pregnancy or babies in
them and they both were boys so that points to us having a girl in real life
so we’ll mark that for a girl. okay so we’re gonna do the long-awaited ring
test now so let’s do it all right so I’m sitting here on my chair let’s see how
this ring test goes I have my engagement ring on piece of hair that’s how I
remember how to do it so you’re supposed to hold it over your stomach and if it
swings in a circle you’re having a girl that swings in a line like back and
forth means you’re having a boy so let’s see if I can do this correctly okay so
I’m going to lift Oh don’t twist okay there we go it’s just twisting in a circle right now Oh as totally going in a circle I see that
as a focusing I’m not moving my arm at all is going in
a circle oh wow oh wow hello it means girl I guess we were having a
girl alright so that was for a girl for the ring test alright sound off below
what do you think we are having are we having a boy or are we having a girl
let’s see for girl we have one two three four five six six for girl and for boy
one two three four five six seven seven for boy so sound off below what do you
think we’re having alright thank you so much for watching and stay tuned for our
gender-reveal be sure to subscribe so you don’t miss out are these tests
accurate or not and if you want more pregnancy videos from me be sure to
subscribe and hit the bell notification so you don’t miss a new video alright
that’s it for me until next time I will see you in the next video bye


  1. BOY OR GIRL?! We will all find out soon! Only my sister in-law knows at this point! Follow me on Instagram for daily updates:

  2. i’m saying girl just cause our pregnancies are so similar and i’m having a girl! plus i believe the ring test !

  3. We did a lot of these and i have always thought of the heartbeat one and ours babys hb last was 171 and well wed we found out what we are having tomorrow is our reveal at church. I told the drs and us tech dont go over the gender area because I know how to read the scan please tell me to look away well she didnt and I seen and I was sad and excited i wanted to be suprised but soo happy I will be a proud mama to my baby GIRL haha my guess is your having a girl too..

  4. I'm almost 12 weeks and I had the materniT21 test drawn the other day so we will find out the gender soon. But I've had 2 dreams about holding my baby but I didn't dream about a gender lol so I guess I can't do that one.

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