How To Prevent Pneumonia (निमोनिया) Naturally | Health Tips | Educational Video

home remedies for pneumonia cayenne
pepper cayenne pepper helps the body released
Lucas from the respiratory tract which makes it easier for the patient to
breed fill a jog with 215 own leaders have water add 1 teaspoon of lemon juice and
sprinkle a little cayenne pepper drink the water at least four to five
times every day carrot juice in a juicer make
some carrot juice about 3-4 carrots sprinkle some cayenne pepper fenugreek
team fenugreek helps remove toxins from the
body through perspiration it also helps clear any congestion in
the chest take 500 no leaders have water in a pan
combine one teaspoonful of a new group EADS bring it to a boil constrain at about 1
teaspoon every woman’s use engine comps minimum four cups in a dog
karla garlic is very hard for the body and
therefore helps reduce the body temperature while
steamy leave you with a bad breath it will help clear the chest and lungs
steam bath take a steam bath fill a bucket of water with some hot
water and put in a few drops any essential oil that you may have
around the house such as tea tree lavender camphor or eucalyptus close the
bathroom door and inhale the vapors are this teen by covering her head with a ten-hour as
you sit near the back it up water with your head went about it sesame seeds
this kitchen essential can work miracles but in a tablespoon sesame seeds to a
couple boiling water once they are soft add 1 tablespoon flax
seeds and boil for another five minutes or so strain the water combine a pinch of salt
and a teaspoon honey for a better taste J this every morning on an empty stomach saltwater gargle
with salt water at least three times a day it will help
clear the respiratory tract and clear your chest of any path Black
Sea make a cup of black tea combine in three
teaspoons a senior Greek seed powder and 1
teaspoon of honey or sugar as per your taste mix well injury the
steam room in a day ginger great a piece of ginger
and extract its jus blend one teaspoon of honey and a few
drops of lemon juice in have this every day before going to
bed turpentine and camper massage next
turpentine oil and camper in a bowl and apply it on
your chest gently massage the oil on the skin put on a sweater potassium brought
potassium is good for people suffering from pneumonia as it helps repairing the lines tissues
one must have as much potassium as possible during the entire spell

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