“How to Prevent the Flu” with Dr. Cristel Escalona | UT Health RGV

Hi, today I want to talk to you about the
flu. Believe it or not flu seasons already started and the flu vaccine is
already available in our UT Health RGV clinics. So one of the things that I
wanted to talk about more than anything is dispelling the myth of the flu and
namely that the vaccine if you get it will give you the flu and that is simply
not true. The vaccine works well every season and protects you from dying from
the flu and so people that are extra likely to suffer from complications from
the flu are those that are less than the age of two, pregnant women, the elderly
and also if you have issues like asthma or if you have like a weakened immune
system, your extra likely to suffer from complications from the flu. So it’s extra
important for these populations to receive the flu vaccine and it’s a good
idea in general just to get the vaccine even if you’re healthy. And so the flu
every year affects at least 25,000 to 50,000 people every year and
that fluctuates from year to year. So try to come in and get your flu shot. For UT
Health RGV, I’m Dr. Escalona.

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