How to Pronounce FLEW & FLU – English Pronunciation Lesson

hey there Jennifer from Tarle Speech
with your two for Tuesday today’s two words are flu the virus and flew to fly
so let’s go ahead and jump right in let’s start with this two letter
combination we’ve had this several times in the past few weeks during these short
short two for Tuesday lessons and what I want you to remember always when you see
two consonant sounds together is you make that combination smoothly with no
break in between and no extra vowel we do not say Fa Lou we just say flu so to
make this combination nice and smooth think about saying that F sound you can
do that air is moving out of your mouth and you can bite gently the inside or
the outside of your lip just make sure you allow space to let the air move out
of your mouth as you do this keep your mouth in that same position relatively
you’re going to open it slightly and then touch the tip of your tongue to the
back of your top front teeth so fl fl fl the mistake I see which leads to
people adding the vowels they say fa Lou and they have too much mouth
movement for that so try to move your mouth a little bit less fl fl fl
and that should help and then end with the ew vowel super easy one pucker your
lips your tongue will be flat in the middle of your mouth and then let’s
put that all together flu flu flu also remember make sure that that vowel at
the end is long enough another mistake that I hear is people make it too short
and it sounds like flu all right so let’s do a sentence after she flew
across country she came down with the flu
after she flew across country she came down with the flu give it a try people
are going to notice the difference if you found this helpful please give us a
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everybody take care

6 thoughts on “How to Pronounce FLEW & FLU – English Pronunciation Lesson

  1. Hello Teacher, Do you have any video of how to pronounce the word "pillow"? I need it, please I have been struggling with that word also my Spanish accent is so strong.

  2. Okay Thank you for this my teacher But now that I am having some breakfast, I want you to join me if you want to😋🍗 chicken

  3. Rarely I get flu. I never asking for you. Ms. Tarle, how are you?
    I loved your lesson!! I need just use this new words. I will use here with you. Thank you so much!!

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