How To Release Hormones That “TARGET” Belly Fat

Hey, hey, hey, everybody. What is up? Shaun Hadsall here, 47-year-old
stubborn fat expert. I specialize in helping people
over 40 years old reactivate declining hormones to
boost the metabolism and maintain a healthy
weight to live a leaner, longer, healthier life. So if you’re over 40 years old,
stop by and pay close attention because I have something new. I have something innovative. And I have something
exciting that’s based on published research. It is a 3 step protocol
that will allow your body to burn more calories
in a stubborn body part that you want to work on. So I’m going to show
you a circuit that I’m doing at the gym here. And when this circuit
is performed properly, it can elevate the metabolic
rate for 38 to 48 hours afterwards. It can coax the body into
releasing 400% to 771% more growth hormone. It also coaxes the body
to release adrenaline from the adrenal glands. The adrenaline is a hormone that
converts into norepinephrine, then into epinephrine,
long fancy words. But these are the
hormones that are responsible for burning
calories in stubborn body parts. So there’s a 3 step simple
process that you can use. It requires only 12 minutes. Now, we use 3 machines
in this particular video. And now the great news is
you do not need machines. All you need is
your body weight. You don’t need access
to fancy equipment. You don’t need access to a gym. You just need your body weight. And you can learn
all about it and you can do it in only 12
minutes by clicking the link around this video
where you go learn all about my metabolic
zone training that caters to your
current hormonal condition. Again, 12 minutes a
day, 5 days of the week. But don’t click it,
don’t tap it yet because I want to go over this
3 step process with you now. There was a published study
by the American Journal of Physiology. And in this study,
they concluded that blood flow and calorie
burning are higher in areas next to contracted muscles. So in other words, if you create
blood flow to a stubborn body part that you want to
work on and you release the hormones following this
three step protocol that are necessary to reach
those particular areas, then you can actually
increase calorie burning in that particular body fart. So for me, I’m going-, did I
just say body fart? Body part. So for me in this
video, I’m going to target the abdominal region. So I’m going to
hit play on this. And you’re going to see that
I’m going to run over here and I’m going to jump on
two different ab machines back to back because I’m
targeting the abdominal region. So the first thing I’m doing
is doing v-ups on a Bosu on my back which helps
me build more core. And this creates blood flow
to my upper abdominal region. So step 1 is to
create blood flow. And now when. I’m done doing 10
strict reps, I’m going to move over to this
next machine right here, which is a little bit easier. And then you’re going
to see I’m going to do straight leg leg lifts. So now I’m creating blood flow
to the lower abdominal region. So now I’ve created blood
flow in the upper belly and the lower belly region. That is step one. Now step 2 is to
stimulate adrenaline and you can also stimulate
growth hormone doing this. And you’re going to see
that I’m going to leave here and I’m going to go over to
the step mill right here. I’m going to jump on this
step mill without resting. I’m going to crank it all
the way up to level 20, as high as it can go. Now you’ll have to adjust
the intensity based on your current condition. But what happens when I do
this is I release hormones because I kick up the
sympathetic nervous system. When that’s activated,
this is what coaxes the body to release
growth hormone and adrenaline. So because there is blood
flow in my upper and lower abdominal region, that
allows those hormones to travel to that area and
release fatty acids where your body is primed
for step number 3, that you must make
sure that you avoid restoring of these fatty acids. So when these hormones
traveled to this area where you created
blood flow, your body releases fatty
acids from that area into the bloodstream
where they need to be flushed out or burned off. And step three will
help you do that. If you do not do that because of
your current hormonal condition when you’re in your
40s, 50s, or 60s, research shows these
fatty acids can actually restore into another
area of your body, let me pull this out of
here, somebody is calling me, and basically making step one
and step two nearly useless. So it’s critical that
you follow step 3 You can learn all about it
at the link around this video where I’m gonna introduce you to
these 12 minute protocols that use specific body weight
movements, specific intensity levels, and specific
rest periods that cater to your current
hormonal condition. Can boost the metabolism 38 to
48 hours after just 1/12 minute session. It coaxes the body to release
400% to 771% more growth hormone. And it coaxes the adrenal
glands to release adrenaline and this will help you
accelerate calorie burning in any of your
stubborn body parts. Now, it’s very important
that you do me a favor if you got something
out of this. Can you share it? Because if you’re doing
cardio, you’re doing yoga, you’re doing spinning,
you’re doing Pilates, you’re doing cross fit,
you’re doing boot camps. All these things
can be effective, but they’re not designed for
the current hormonal condition of people over 35 years old. So it’s important that you
share this with all your friends that are over 40, if they’re
in their 40s, 50s, or 60s. Because these
traditional exercise methods, although
effective in small doses, they simply do not cater to
your current hormonal condition. So if you got something out
of this click the Like button. Give me some love. Drop a comment below
if you have questions. And then click the link over
at, go over to my website and you’ll learn all about
my innovative system. It’s called the Over
Forty Ab Solution. I like to call it the Over
Forty Flat Belly Solution. So thanks for taking time out of
your busy day to check this out and God bless.

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