How to say I HAVE A COLD — American English Pronunciation

In this American English pronunciation video,
we’re going to go over how to say ‘I have a cold’. I’m not in my normal recording space, as I’m
sure you can see. And that’s because I’m not feeling well. I can’t talk for very long,
I can’t record a bunch of videos. I have a cold. Let’s go over that phrase. I have a,
I have a, I have a cold. ‘I’ and ‘cold’ are the most stressed syllables there. So, the
structure is DA-da-da-DA. I have a cold. We begin with the AI as in BUY diphthong. You
do need to drop your jaw for the first sound of that diphthong. I, I, I have a, I have
a. Are you noticing? I’m dropping the H in ‘have’.
This is a pretty common habit. We do this with words like ‘have’, ‘had’, ‘his’, ‘her’.
I have a [3x]. I have a cold, I have a stomach ache, I have a headache. Dropping the H in
‘have’ in all of those phrases. So, I am keeping the AA as in BAT vowel and
the V sound, I have [3x]. I have a. Adding on a schwa now to make the article ‘a’. Notice
that the V sound of ‘have’ is linking right into the schwa. I have a, I have a, I have
a. There’s no break between any of those words. And finally, ‘cold’. Some of my students have
problems with this word. It’s hard for them to make the difference between ‘cold’ and
‘code’. So, let’s talk about it. First, we have the K consonant sound where the tongue
tip is down and the back part of the tongue reaches up to touch the soft palate. Kk, kk.
For the word ‘code’, we go straight into the OH as in NO diphthong. Jaw drops, and the
lips round for the second half. Code. That means the whole sound is up here in the front
of the mouth. Now, for the word ‘cold’, we have the OH diphthong, but it’s a little different
because of the Dark L. I do drop my jaw for the beginning of the diphthong, co–l. But
rather than finishing the diphthong with a lot of lip rounding, I go straight to the
Dark sound of the Dark L, where the back part of my tongue pulls back. So the tongue tip
stays forward, col-, but the back part of the tongue stretches back. Ll, ll. Collllld.
And to end, the front of the tongue goes up to the roof of the mouth and releases for
the D. Cold, cold. So the difference between ‘code’ and ‘cold’
is the Dark L. ‘Code’, the whole thing is up here. Collll, cold, some of the sound is
back here for the dark L. Code, cold [2x]. I have a cold. Unfortunately, you’re probably going to need
to say this at least once a year, so I hope this video helps. That’s it, and thanks so much for using Rachel’s

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  1. CURIOUS GEORGE – please help me pronounce that! I am really struggling with the word curious even though it seems so easy 🙁

  2. dear Rachel's, thanks for your really good videos. can you tell us about the pronunciation of the word  "PARTICULARLY" ?

  3. Rachel, Im sorry to hear you are not feeling very well. You should just rest. People can understand…and wait. Your health is first. Don't forget that.

  4. Hola Rachel, me gustan muchisimo tus videos y eres muy agradable. I'm sorry to hear you have a cold. Deseo que te recuperes muy pronto. Saludos afectuosos desde Morelia, michoacan, Mexico.

  5. I don't know why that "have" isn't stressed.
    I've assumed that main verbs are sopposed to be.
    Maybe there's something I haven't learned.
    Anyway, I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Thanks for the big effort of making the video even though you are having cold. Thanks a lot. 

    For the cold and flu I will suggest you to try out this remedy: have a cup of black tea with a half of a fresh lemon, drink that with some sugar and you will feel better and get rid of cold soon. 

  7. Hello Rachel! I hope you can be better as soon as possible. I love your English videos, they help me a lot. I'm a brazilian guy, I'm in the university and I'm study to be an English teacher. I already give classes in a project made by my college, and, of course, your videos make part of the program. Thank you! 🙂

  8. Hi Rachel! This is another great video! Hope you will feel better soon.

    Just wonder do you have a video on the ending cluster "sts" as in "costs", "lists", "coexists", etc.? This cluster sound is so hard and I couldn't find any good demo / explanation of this cluster sound on the Internet.

    I hope you can make one if it is not covered in any other of your videos. Thanks!!

  9. I mentioned not being sure about the difference between "cold" and "code" a while ago in a comment. Thank you for the video! It's not going to be easy, but I'll pratice.

  10. Rachel, could you help me to pronounce this word, "grasp" in the long sentence? i have difficulty in doing that. thanks 

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    "How to say I BROKE MY WRIST"
    "How to say I HAVE CANCER"


  13. Rachel I know your not a docter we'll actually I don't know I think. And my question is uhh is uncontrollable coughing a symptom of what sort I don't know what it could be.

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    Thank you

  15. I will not stop; I will never stop; I have no plans to stop until I start pronouncing and speaking (redundant or no) like a native speaker. It's my ultimate goal!

  16. wait – s she a Russian girl telling us how to pronounce things correctly in English? If so, why doesn't she speak in Russian for the rest?? (btw I just guessed Russian, it might be greek or something, I don't know.

  17. I have learnt so much form your video ! But I have got a question : Thus if I say which " I have (Something) " .. Have I always to drop the " H " anyway ? Thank you.

  18. You look beautiful today! Good video, too.
    I'm in grade 5 and my English study in the class is the best. All is your video help me. Thanks Rachel so so so so much

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  20. Hi Rachel! I have a doubt, What's the difference between this and "I have to go", because in the other video "have" sounds different. Thank you for your time!

  21. Hi Rachel, you explained the pronunciation of '' code'' and ''cold'' I expected that you would comment on the pronunciation of ''called '' too,My pronunciation is British but I want to learn the American pronunciation as well ,thanks for your efforts

  22. I hope you to be fine 😊 we love you so much our teacher all the best

  23. Thanks. However i have difficulty between "called" and "cold" or its just Siri doesn't pick it up lol. If there is a difference please let us know.

  24. Hey Rachel. I feel like some people don't even stress the syllable in HAVE, despite it not being an auxiliairy.
    / I of a cold /
    could you give me your input on that? Thanks!

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