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  1. I used to sing mid range rock stuff than I got into a more athletic high range with a more theatrical rock band…I do all my warm up, though my throat has been drying out during our set list and it feels swelled when I swallow…I drink like a liter of water before and during songs, but ever since I had a bad cold it's never fixed itself…our band has a release in about a month and I'm the new guy so I really want to showcase, but this is happening…help?

  2. Thank you SO much this really helped a lot! am even trying some herbal tea to heal it a bit, you never know it could be injured or something so am doing that. Thank you<3


    I swear, every time I go to preform, about a week for the performance I end up with a random cold, and have to perform anyway. Jazz hands for you!

  4. same thing happens to me EVERYTIME! i'm beginning to think that it is psychological. As soon as the day has passed or the moment my vpice suddenly heals! hmmmm

  5. Me too! My last three plays had to actually be postponed since I was a main character and I was MISERABLE. 🙁 But it was okay! One of my acting heroes actually performed and SANG with laryngitis!

  6. LOL such a coincidence that I found this video! I'm having a terrible cold right now! THANKS!!!

  7. PAI YI KAW is the best Loquat syrup I have ever had. Works wonders on hoarse voice. Fast and effective. This is hard to find though. Not all Chinese herb stores carry this brand. You can check it online just google the name.

  8. I thought the reason people sing in the shower was cause they're alone and they think no one can hear them. Not for the steam.

  9. hi everyone ,if anyone else needs to find out about tips on how to sing well try Alkarno Quick Singer Alchemist (do a google search ) ? Ive heard some amazing things about it and my partner got excellent success with it.

  10. I come down with colds before a performance ALL the time. I use the Xlear nasal spray, I don't talk much (save your voice!). I also always drink a bit of honey and lemon in some hot/warm water. It gives plenty of vitamin c and the honey soothes your throat!

  11. The famous singer she was talking about that went an active down on the note, I believe was Idina Menzel. She was very sick, yet still wanted to perform becuase Kristen Chenoweth and Leo Norbert Butz were out that day, and she wanted at least one lead at the show. So she worked through it and went on. She knew she wouldn't hit it and went down. Then she knew, for her own health, that's they neeeded to call in her standby to replace her for act 2.

  12. I have to sing tomorrow for my cousin's bday and she's been anticipating for months so I can't dissapoint her.

  13. Every time I catch a cold, the high notes I used to be able to hit refuse to come out of my mouth now. It sucks because I'm a soprano and my vocal range isn't low in the slightest :/

  14. The "More you do it" advice is fantastic. A lot of advice out there says "Cancel and vocal rest", but sadly, that's not the option for many people. Get good at singing safely on a cold, and save the prednisone for laryngitis – IF you have no other option. Ideally you have an understudy or a track of yourself singing the high notes for those days. Take prednisone with TONNES of water and constant steaming all day + vit C + other things she mentioned here.

  15. Thanks I have to sing with my cousins for my family today and yesterday I caught a cold but thanks for the tips, I am very confident now

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