How To Soothe A Sore Throat

We will get through this Hey everyone and welcome back to my channel So as you can tell I have a little bit of a sore throat, so I’m not really feeling myself We’re getting there though and Although I look super pale and like but I thought I would show my honest true self of how we really look like one more Sick and then give you a few tips on how I cure a sore throat I have a very sensitive throat and my throat always goes I’m always running a scarf up to here because as soon as the cold Hits the back of my throat. I am done I had to get my tonsils out when I was a kid and that I never did so I think that’s what it’s from I wanted to show you guys all this stuff that I usually do to fight my sore throat or to soothe it while it’s already Full blown. So the first one is like everybody says if you hear about it that much it’s because it actually works It’s the oil of oregano and this is from the brand natural factors Gabriele swears by this a minute. He finds that he’s getting a sore throat. He actually died loose’ and water I put like the whole droplet on the bottom of my tongue and let me tell you if it burns It’s okay. That’s supposed to happen. Keep in mind You will smell like oregano oil all day. Even for the next day. It doesn’t matter. How many times you brush your teeth That’s all that’s coming out of your mouth So obviously the first two days your body is really fevering your throat hurts so bad all you want is hot hot liquids and although I Hate you kanesha like this smell of it just makes me want to throw up. It works pretty damn well so we have this throat coat and this throat coat and they’re both from traditional medicines or Traditional medicinal this is the lemon you kanesha and this helps to relieve symptoms and shorten the duration of upper respiratory tract infections And then this one is a temporary relief of minor throat irritations Which I kind of go back and forth with au kanesha is always good to have it is like a really good immune booster So if you’re going to be drinking any type of tea when you’re feeling sick like that I definitely recommend these two which I should probably have one now because I’m abusing the crap out of my throat right now another one that I picked up a while ago It is a throat ease. It helps relieve symptoms of a sore throat There’s 40 chewable tablets and here they’re super small and I just feel like this helps everything go by a lot faster It the hell out of my throat and this as well is natural this to help relieve symptoms of sore throat Hoarseness loss of voice and laryngitis which is why I got it because I do get strep throat Laryngitis all that row crap that you can possibly get I get so these are the ones that I recommend for the first two Days when you’re fearing you feel super cold All you want to drink is tea Please remember to still hydrate with water because tea will dehydrate you. Does it sue the throat? Yes, absolutely. But you still need to continue to keep hydrated throughout your whole body and water is very important I know that drinking cold water, even if it’s room temperature It feels like it’s ice-cold because you are a fearing but keep in mind if you’re drinking two teas drink a room-temperature water So although you feel like you don’t want to eat. All you want to do is st. In bed You can’t get up the minute you get up your head You’re just like oh my god, if you have a roommate or your partner mom or dad it’s okay to ask for help so even if you’re having toast with just a butter get something in your system have a soup with like potatoes and vegetables so that it fills you up and then once you’re done with the fever and you’re done being under covers and you just want To start walking around and feel human again. This is what I recommend. So I found this little recipe from be good organics I’ll leave her like right over here for her Instagram where you guys can check her out. She calls it the flu busting smoothie I don’t have all the ingredients that she uses so I’m gonna make one of my own I’m just gonna bring you guys in the kitchen with me and Show you how to make this movie. Let’s go. So here are ingredients. All you need is half an orange I don’t know why I sliced it like that. Anyways, a half a lime half a lemon. Where is my ginger? There it is and Some tumeric powder. If you have the real thing then just use that if you have just a powder use the powder Juice Super citrusy, but it will kill everything you could add some agave syrup to make it a little bit sweeter I kind of like that It’s just like citrusy because in my mind, it’s just like kill kill kill all the bacteria and microbe There are so many other at home remedies that you could do yourself I’m just gonna narrow it down to the ones that I typically do all the time So anyways, I hope that this was really helpful to you guys Let me know down below in the comments some of your at home remedies that helped kill everything like this Don’t forget to Like share and subscribe. I have two videos that come out a week every Sunday morning and Thursday evening Thank you guys so much for watching and I’ll see you at the next

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