How to tell the difference between the flu and the coronavirus

now in the midst of the virus scare many
people have flu-like symptoms might wonder is it a cold the flu or the
corona virus so how does the new corona virus compared with the flu our camo
explains the incubation period for viruses that cause the ordinary flu is
about two days but the novel coronavirus can stay hidden in the body for up to 14
days and while both the flu and the corona virus have similar symptoms
including a fever headache cough and muscle pain those symptoms usually occur
all at once if you have the flu whereas patients with the corona virus
experience various symptoms over a longer period in many cases of the
corona virus the early symptoms are less severe than the flu so what are the most
common symptoms of the novel coronavirus according to british medical journal the
lancet 82 percent of a study of ninety nine patients in ohan had fever the
second-most common symptom was a cough and thirty-one patients experienced
shortage of breath only five patients had sore throat and four had a runny
nose there are also fewer patients with a stomach ache and diarrhea during the
outbreaks of the Middle East respiratory syndrome MERS and the severe acute
respiratory syndrome SARS if you’re experiencing any of these symptoms in
South Korea you can find out the movements of the confirmed Crono virus
patients on the Korea Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website
to see whether you could have been exposed to the virus if so call one
three three nine and follow the instructions or visit a state designated
medical institution to check for the corona virus infection even if you find
no contact with virus but are feeling sick it’s better to take precautions and
avoid going out cáñamo Arirang news

8 thoughts on “How to tell the difference between the flu and the coronavirus

  1. I definitely have a cold. I have headache, cough, body ache, dizziness, stuffy nose, and low energy. I have all of these symptoms at the same time make me feel so miserable.

  2. Ordinary Flu: After 2 days, gets sick.
    Novel Coronavirus: After 14 days, gets sick.
    Someone: Gets sick (How many days has it been? I lost count).

  3. I'm from India and I have normal cold and mild dry cough and no fever.. I have never been to China is this normal flu or what I'm worried

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