How to Treat A Flu Like Infection With Ozone Treatments at Home (3 Steps)

Today, I will show you how to treat a flu
like infection with ozone treatments at home. I’m Paola, the Crazy Ozone Lady, and I’ve
used this method numerous times on myself and on my Dad and it worked every single time. Here I will reveal this very method and will
tell you exactly what to do to get rid of a flu like infection. Flu like infection? Get it? So, ozone treatments can be a very effective
approach but it’s not an automatic thing. You can actually do ozone therapy and not
see any result. That’s because with ozone therapy, there
is a right and a wrong way to do it and here I will show you the right way, especially
with flu like infections. But first, some shameless self-promotion:
If you want to talk to me one-on-one and if you want me to analyze your health problem
and show you how to use ozone to get rid of it, then go to where
you will find the ozone therapy deal of the century with the world’s leading and only
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offer. Also a disclaimer before we start:
Your results may vary. Even if you do it exactly the way I describe,
there is no guarantee that it will work. And there are always exceptions. There are always outliers, there are always
people who react differently than everyone else to ozone or to essentially any other therapy. So please keep this in mind while you watch
this video. OK, now, that I’ve hopefully averted the
attention of the thought police, let’s get right to it. So, here is what happened: so a few years ago,
my Dad was working in China, in the city of Shenyang. And it was a project that went on for around
a year and a half. So may Dad would fly to China, stay there
for like a month or two and then fly back home for a few weeks. At that point my Dad, before he started that
work in China, he was already suffering from chronic bronchitis. But in China he was exposed to the horrible
air pollution, and on top of that he would catch a flu or a cold, or something, and then every
time he would come back home he was sick. So the chronic bronchitis would develop into
an acute bronchitis together with some infection. And I used ozone to get him healthy every
single time. So he would come back, I would prep him up
with ozone, he would get healthy, then he would fly back, get sick again, fly back home
and the process would repeat itself, and we did this around 6, 7, or 8 times in that time. So this thing worked on my Dad every single
time, this also worked on me. I was able to stop infections even before
they developed. I was able to treat infections, flu infections
on myself using those methods. So it really is a great method, a great approach. It consists of three steps: Step Number 1:
You need to match the health problem you’re experiencing with the right ozone method. Because you want to address the issue where
it sits, you want to go right to the center of the health problem, to the center of the
infection. Let’s take an example:
If what you’re experiencing is an infection in your sinuses, so if you’re dealing mostly
with a congested sinus, then what you want to do are the following three ozone methods
to get right to the center of the problem: Number one you want to do nasal insufflations,
number two breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil, and ear insufflations. Nasal insufflations of course work by filling
a syringe with ozone like this. This is an ozone resistant syringe that you
can get from Promolife or SimplyO3. And Promolife has those awesome silicone caps. So you put them on the syringe and you insert
this into your nose and … so first you take a deep breath, you hold your breath, you insert
the syringe, you empty the syringe while making sure that you don’t breathe the ozone in,
this is very important. You don’t want to breathe the ozone in. So, this is a great way to treat an infection,
and this is the most direct way to treat an infection that sits in your sinuses. Same with breathing ozonated olive oil. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying
breathing ozone, you should never breathe straight ozone. This is also something that you would not
be able to do because breathing straight ozone is one of the most uncomfortable things that
you can experience in your life and everyone automatically recoils from that. So what I’m talking about is bubbling ozone
through olive oil, that ozone bonds to the olive oil and it creates ozonides. And those ozonides are beneficial but they’re
not damaging to your lungs. So you breathe those ozonides through either
a nasal cannula or an oxygen mask. And this is another great way to treat an
infection that sits in your sinuses. A third option would be to do ear insufflations. Why? Because there is a connection through the
Eustachian tubes. So you put ozone into your ears and through
the Eustachian tubes the ozone is transported into your sinuses So that’s an example how to use ozone in
the most effective way if you had an infection in your sinuses. So those are three direct ways how to treat
a possible infection in your sinuses. Now, on top of this, you may also use adjunct
ozone treatments like for example ozone saunas, ozone IVs, or vaginal or rectal insufflations
which may give an additional benefit and which may help boost your immune system, but in
the case of congested sinuses the focus should be the ear and nasal insufflations and on
ozone oil breathing. And in order to really get the most out of
ozone treatments. So this would be the most effective way to
go about this. Another example: Let’s say you have an infection
that sits in your lungs, ok? So what you want to do in that case, you also
want to do Breathing Ozone Bubbled Through Olive Oil and you want to do ozone saunas. And while you sit in the ozone sauna, you
want to take the ozone output hose and keep it on your chest, or flip it over your shoulder,
so that where the ozone comes out of is exactly in your lungs so that your lungs will get
hit with the ozone first. So this is what you do sitting in an ozone
sauna. So those would be the two main things I would
apply when dealing with an infection that would sit in my lungs. Additionally to that, I would also do intravenous
ozone injections. So, those are the main things that I would
do if I had The Plague, also known as the Rona … or an infection in my lungs. You know what I’m talking about. Step number 2:
You need to do the ozone treatments intensely enough. That means do the ozone treatments until you
feel a break in your symptoms. And that first break in your symptoms will
likely not hold. And that is fine. This is to be expected. This is completely normal. It is very rare, that if you have an infection,
a flu like infection, that the first ozone treatment will completely knock it out. It can happen, but it is very rare. In all likelihood you will feel an improvement
for a while and then the symptoms will start creeping back in. And this is fine, because that improvement,
this is what you want, this is the sign that you’re looking for. And that sign tells you: ozone works. It works. Now all you need to do is just keep hitting
it, and just keep repeating it, alright. So this is what you need to do. You need to actually put in work, you need
to put in effort, time, and effort and work. So, let’s take an example: Let’s say that
you have an infection and you feel a pain when you breathe, you have a slight fever,
and you feel fatigued. Then you decide to do an ozone sauna, and right after
the ozone sauna you notice: hey, I can breathe better, I feel less feverish, and I have a
little more energy. Now, you’re still sick as a dog, but there
is a slight improvement. And this is great, that’s what you want. That means: it works. You just need to keep repeating it. And you need to keep repeating it multiple
times a day if necessary. So, what you can do is after you have stepped
out of the ozone sauna, and after you have experienced that improvement, you go right
back in and see if you can get an even bigger improvement. Or what you can do, you can wait and see if
the symptoms start creeping back in. If they do, then at that point you go back
in and do another sauna or you do the ozone oil breathing, or you do ear insufflations,
vaginal insufflations, drink ozonated water, or so some other ozone treatments that you
feel will help you. And if you found this then you just need to
repeat it every time when you start feeling worse, or if you want, you can also just keep
repeating it to see if you can get continuous improvements. So this may mean that you will spend hours
every day doing just ozone treatments, that’s possible. And it may be necessary for you to do this
in order to see results. So you need to do it intensely, aggressively,
and in a focused way. OK, Step number 3:
You need to do it for a long enough time. So now that you’ve found the ozone treatment
which you know works like let’s say the ozone sauna or the breathing ozone bubbled
through olive oil, you just need to repeat that program every day until the complete
resolution of all symptoms. So you don’t take breaks, you just do it every
day multiple times a day and day after day after day until the infection is gone. So every day you want do enough ozone treatments
that at the end of the day you feel better than the evening before. So you just keep hitting that infection every
day, day after day. And it’s work. And this is exactly what I did on my Dad
and this is what I did on myself as well. So my Dad’s main symptoms were pain in his
lungs that made it difficult for him to breathe, a persistent cough, sometimes it was dry,
sometimes he would spit out something, and he was very weak. So there were two things which he responded
to the most: ozone saunas and breathing ozone bubbled through olive oil. So that’s what we did. Every day, multiple times a day. He would do daily saunas, sometimes twice
a day and he would hold the ozone output hose on his chest while sitting in the sauna. Additionally, he would also to breathing ozone
bubbled through olive oil multiple times a day. And that’s how I helped my Dad get rid of
several infections in a timeframe of around a year and a half while he was working in China. And it worked every single time. Every single time he would get rid of the
infection, and he would fly back feeling better and healthier, then he would come back with
an infection and we would repeat the process. So this is another great thing with ozone
and infections: that it’s really a repeatable process that will never fail if you do it
right. So you just need to keep the faith and just
keep doing the ozone, just hitting the infection, day after day after day. And oftentimes my Dad would see only a minor
improvement or he would say that he didn’t see an improvement although I would see the
improvement on him. And sometimes he would say, you know I don’t
wanna do another ozone sauna, I don’t feel it’s working, but then I would press on
and I would convince him to do it anyway, and a few days later, he would feel better. We would just stick to the program, just keep
doing this, never letting up, never letting go and it would work, every time. So this is how you use ozone treatments at
home to get rid of the flu or similar infections. And if you’d like me to go over your problems
and give you pointers how to use ozone therapy to make sure it’s a success in your specific
case, go to . I can help you figure out IF you’re a candidate
for ozone therapy to begin with. Not everyone is. So, I hope this was helpful. If not, then you know what, go and have a
Corona! I mean the Beer So thank you very much for watching and see
you in the next video. I’m not a doctor, I don’t give medical
advice. If you’re sick, go see your doctor, and
don’t watch videos by woman who calls herself crazy. I’m just saying …

7 thoughts on “How to Treat A Flu Like Infection With Ozone Treatments at Home (3 Steps)

  1. Excellent video Paola. Thank you again. I will treat the "Flu Like Infection" with DIV Ozone (Dr. Howard Robins method). I guess that it is one of the most effective ozone procedures. I made a post/question some weeks ago on your video "DIV for the Superparanoid: How to fill a syringe" raising some objections of this DIV method that I found in the book "The Oxygen Prescription '' written by Nathaniel Altman. However, in the meantime, I found an article written by Dr. H. Robins himself answering all these objections. And I got convinced.
    Therefore, I will also do nebulization using the Hydroxin Peroxide 3% as recommended by some Functional Doctors. Especially Dr. Rowen. I guess that it could be even better than breathe Ozonites (Ozone by Olive Oil). All the Best!

  2. Consistency is key!

    My protocol for multiple sclerosis is rectal inflammation 1/4 LPM 35 gamma 2 minutes.

    Four times a day for the first
    Three times per day for the second week
    Two times per day for the third week
    1 time per day for the fourth week
    Then one treatment three times per week moving forward for no MS symptoms. I stop doing ozone for a length of time multiple sclerosis symptoms come back start doing ozone again symptoms disappear.

    Do enough ozone to get rid of the infection!

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