How to Treat A Sore Throat Fast : Strep throat natural Remedy – VitaLife Show Episode 175

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YouTube so today’s topic is how to cure a sore throat and how to do it naturally
with instantaneous results so the first and foremost what I love to
do is to use a natural honey and about half a lemon and squeezes into
some warm water and you can be doing that throughout the
day and it really helps to coat the throat but also because the lemon it’s working
as an astringent which really helps to tonify the tissues in the throat so you’ll
absolutely love that and its has a very soothing effect
that’s why of course all the throat lozenges and things they put that
combination honey and lime together you can do it more naturally at
home another great thing is to gargle with some salt waters so get a nice you
know cup and a half warm water and put about
a tablespoon of table salt it could be sea salt as
well mix that up until it dissolves and all you’re gonna do with this one is
gargle with its you’re gonna gargle with it and then spit it out so you don’t want to be
drinking this because I have a very you know it’ll be tough on the blood
pressure so our but this is really great for you to do and be doing this you know
throughout the day as much as you can you can prepare this you know saltwater concoction three or
four times throughout the day and just keep doing it so you know if you can gargle a full cup take may take you know twenty minutes to gargle spit
gargle spit but keep doing this result is going to kill all those bacteria and
all those things that you’re fighting in that sore throat within a day it would be gone now another thing especially if
this is happening to you all the time is to address your immune system so
you’re immune system could very well be weak may be taking a lot of antibiotics in
this is set you up for having you know recurring infections the
antibiotics unfortunately are killing some the bad bacteria but they’re killing your good bacteria
as well and that’s what you need to do is replace with the probiotics so these your friendly flora I’m and
check out ours here at my retreat very different from the other probiotics out
there that’s why it works and works so quickly
it’s because it’s designed for your human digestive tract and actually suggest that you open the
capsules right up into your mouth if you see what that looks like little capsules
taste delicious I’ll actually open one up for you can see what I mean you’ll love it the kids
love it because it tastes sweet that is because it has FOS which is for two
legal fact right so I did your program has taken out by a
tree dot com great for documenting your through right away with the family for a which is so
important especially if you get those chronic sore throats and the other thing is the immune system
so make your immune system is strong as possible can do it naturally with the Vita treat
colds flu and immune formula so when you first have those for signs of a sore
throat make sure you’re using this you can actually open this up as well into a little bit up warm water maybe
even into your honey and lemon concoction I’m gonna warn you it doesn’t
taste the best very bitter but that’s why it has the
powerful effects on healing the throat as well as for your immune
system so mix that up and be sipping on that
fantastic standard dosage is one capsule twice a day but you can certainly take much much
more so two to three capsules three times a day of
Cold abd Flu Immune call for an immune system to really give your immune system power
than it needs to find out that cold and flu and that’s or through of course so
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