How to Treat Cellulite Effectively – 4 Steps

How to Treat Cellulitis Effectively – 4 Steps 1.-Know the symptoms and signs of cellulitis. The symptoms of cellulitis include pain, warmth
at the infected site or a fever. You may also feel tenderness or sore skin.
Signs of the infection include redness, inflammation, chills, fatigue and a rash that develops quickly.
Also the infected area can look tight or stretched. 2.-Understand cellulitis causes. Medical conditions such as a history of peripheral
vascular disease or diabetes can cause cellulitis. Diabetes-related cellulitis can happen when
ulcers occur or the blood supply is blocked. Certain medications, such as corticosteroid
or medications that suppress the immune system, can cause cellulitis… Cellulitis
Cellulite Celulitis
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