How to Treat Cold and Flu Naturally -VitaLife Show Episode 111

Welcome to the Vitalife show. I’m Doctor Janine Bowring and today’s topic is all about curing the flu naturally and one of the
best things to do of course is to make sure that you’re getting
sufficient rest just like mom always said get your rest when you’re sick don’t sort of shrug it off and back to
work or doing your exercise routine make sure that you’re getting that sleep
listen to your body and get the rest that you need because your immune system is most active of course when you’re
resting when your sleeping so make sure you get your rest when
you’re coming down with the flu or actually have the symptoms of that flu. Make sure you’re
getting enough fluids as well because the fluid of course will help to you maintain your
electrolytes help to maintain your energy levels and help you to flesh through those toxins
the bacteria, the virus whatever you’re fighting off so that’s really important
as well make sure that you’re taking something
naturally in terms of herbal medicines to help
with not only the symptoms of your cold or flu but also to help
to treat that immunity because often if you’re getting flues
and especially if this had is happening on a consistent basis maybe it’s you
know every February get the flu that’s a good tell sign that your
immune system is not strong enough so you want to make sure that you maintaining
your immunity boosting up your immunity to make sure that I can fight off
whether it’s a virus or a bacteria that you’re fighting off.
So in terms of boosting immunity naturally there are some wonderful
herbal medicines out there my favourite of course are echinacea
now echinacea angustifolia is called a
natural antibiotic it was actually the
antibiotic of choice back in the 1800s when US settlers came
to the US and this is what was at their disposal
of course it’s a purple coneflower and grows everywhere and this is what the used
before they had the invention of conventional
antibiotics that we all know today so that’s something that we all
have access to natural echinacea are natural
antibiotic as well as astragalus now astragalus is called a deep immune herb what this help to do
is helps to maintain our immunity from a deep level so if you taking this over time which I do recommend helps you
to increase your forces to fight off those nasty viruses that
are out there that often cause the flu ginseng, panax ginseng is really important as well to help to
treat any of those symptoms of a cold or flu especially you know
that raspy cough irritated nasal passages
sore throat this is really helpful and we’re happy
to get over that flu so much more quickly and althaea is a
great herb as well, is called marshmallow herb and what this does is
is it helps with those symptoms as well irritated nasal passages as well as a
sore throat help the coat and sooth these mucous membranes to make those symptoms and get over those symptoms so much
more quickly so be sure to you know take this all to heart I actually put all these herbs
in one formulation and it’s called the Vitatree Cold and Flu Formula a natural way to combat that flu as well as to keep your immunity strong
really easy to do if you do get sick you’re taking two capsules twice a day
so check it out at I do recommend they’re taking his daily
to make sure your immunity is you know where it should be and
that’s just one capsule twice a day so I thank you for joining me
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